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Export Excel to VCF As vCard is highly acceptable by hkksew3563rd


									?MS Excel is a Useful Application: MS Excel is a useful and important MS Office
application which is known to create spreadsheets. Using MS Excel you can create
and maintain large contacts lists and other info including contact number, address, fax
number, website etc. This application helps you to store unlimited contacts. With this
application you can easily perform financial calculations, statistical analysis and much

VCF in vCard: vCard (Virtual Information Card) is an electronic business card
standard brought by the Internet Mail Consortium. They are actually electronic files
with .VCF extension. Many programs and applications like various email clients
including MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Outlook Express etc. accept vCard. Various
digital devices like iPhone, iPod, PDA, mobile phones, Palm etc accept vCard VCF
format even Operating Systems also accept vCard. It comprises of contact information
in rich multimedia format and this file can include the information in the form of text,
URLs, images, logos, audio clips etc. You can store business contact information like
company name, email address, fax numbers, telephone number, and much more in

Export Microsoft Excel to vCard: MS Excel long usage leads to accumulation of too
many contacts in your Excel XLS files. If you want to convert Excel to vCard .VCF
file, you require some outside software tool which can easily convert Excel format to
vCard. You can also make consecutive contact entry in the email application but this
method is tiring, time-consuming and laborious method.

Excel to vCard Converter: If you have been storing your huge contacts lists and
maintaining contacts databases in Excel XLS files and you want to export Excel to
VCF, then you can use SysTools Excel to vCard software. This efficient software
product can export contacts from Excel to vCard in little time. Excel to vCard
conversion will save your lots of precious time.

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