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					?Explain blogging? A blog, a short version of "weblog," is simply an online log or
journal, usually owned and managed by an individual. Blogs are periodically updated,
usually about once a week, and can include all sorts of media, such as video, articles
or pictures. Blogs can be personal or corporate, serious or tongue-in-cheek. They can
be controversial or conservative in the viewpoints presented. They can even be
nothing but the totally biased space in which a mother writes and posts non-stop about
her two-year-old! For network marketers, however, a blog can be a very powerful

Blogging affords anyone brave enough to have one, a free space in which to express
any thoughts, ideas, or content they feel may be of value, which is more than likely,
the reason they have become so popular. For network marketers, blogging also
provides a space in which to build and expand their businesses in a way that is
non-threatening to potential customers, and which can help establish themselves as
authorities within their field.

There are two basic ways of setting up a blog. There are free blogging platforms, such
as blogger and wordpress. These offer you the opportunity of creating a blog without
having to pay for hosting. They can be customized and made to look just like a real
website. The problem is that your url will be rather long, as it will include the name of
the site in which it was built. The other way to set up a blog is to host it yourself. In
this case you will need to download software and pay for hosting, but you have
greater freedom and control over what you post, plus you can have any url you wish.

For a network marketer, the blog becomes the center of all operations. Everything
begins at the blog, and all links and advertising should be made to direct traffic to the
blog. This allows the marketer greater control over what the visitor will find, and can
make sure the content they find is relevant to the ad or strategy which brought them
there in the first place.

To explain blogging, can be a bit difficult with all the different uses a blog can have.
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