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									?Experiential marketing is a sort of marketing which results in the emotional
connection to a brand, idea, product or a person. The word experiential marketing
might be relatively new to the marketing communications. For many years marketing
techniques such as customer service, special events, product promotions, and PR
stunts have connected the public emotionally.

The thee main drivers that led the path to experiential marketing are

? Acuity, Experiential marketing is seen as the new way of marketing to connect
the public. Marketing communication agencies need to deliver or provide what market
or client demands.

? It is observed that traditional way of marketing unable to connect the public
emotionally, as it was earlier.

?   Experience works would help in connecting the public emotionally.

Experiential marketing simply focuses on the consumer experience and his response.
By differentiating the traditional and experiential marketing, experiential marking
allows the customer to experience and test it for them, while in traditional marketing
is going to sell the consumer of the features and benefits of something. Experiential
marketing would also help in building brand loyalty.

One of the most important aspects to be considered as a marketer is to put your self
into the consumer shoes. When they are looking at the marketing pieces, what would
be the first thought in the minds of the customers. Positioning would make a lot of
difference in the experiential marketing.

This kind of marketing would help you in many levels. Utilizing the visual ads, media
platforms, print ads, audio etc, you can involve customers and able to scale the
responses of the marketing campaign and brand in total.

In the current day world, people are very busy and running with the time around the
clock. In this kind of scenario experiential marketing would be of great help in
reaching the public or target audience
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