Exhibiting Internationally- Understanding the differences when exhibiting abroad

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					?Promoting your product or service at an International exhibition can be a great way
to get visibility in foreign markets. You may have decided to exhibit at an exhibition
abroad in a city such as Barcelona, Rome or Helsinki, and you may be wondering if
there is anything you need to do differently from the exhibitions you have exhibited at
before. So what things specifically should you take on board as you prepare to exhibit

- Change or print promotional materials i.e. brochures to ones that can be understood
in the native language. Avoid using abbreviations where possible and try to make the
message clear across cultural barriers.

- Learn to be patient. If you are exhibiting in Italy for example, people do not like to
be rushed and they do not take to the British way of pressure selling.

- Ensure you research and understand the cultural difference of the country you are
going to, in terms of marketing. Will your target age group be different for example in

- Do not forget about the simple things i.e. difference in power sockets etc. If you are
doing a presenation using a laptop, you might find yourself embarassed if your battery
goes dead and you do not have the correct plug to power the laptop back up.

- Business cards can act as a good tool. Make sure that your company name, position
and contact details are clearly understandable to anyone from abroad. You may
perhaps want to also them with text printed in the native language of the country you
are exhibiting in.

- Ensure that you understand the local customs and thus avoid embarassing problems
which could reflect badly on your company. The clothing that you wear for example,
will need to be approiate culturally in certain countries.

In addition to the ideas above, if you exhibiting in some countries, then a lot of the
business transactions and networking, occurs socially after the event, just as much as
it occurs at the exhibition event itself. In South Korea for example, business culture is
very different from in a country such as the UK or Ireland. A lot of Korean business
takes place over food and then over several drinks of beck-se-je or other Korean
favourites. The idea traditionally, similar to Chinese business, is that when you are
drunk with someone, you will see their true personality and thus, learn if you can trust
them. Korean and Chinese companies sometimes hire professional drinkers and give
them professional titles, and these employees then entertain the visitors. If you can
drink and you want to exhibit and network for business in Korea, you might have an
entertaining time.

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