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									?Some aspects of business seem to revolve around attempting to capture a certain je
ne sais quoi, or simply quantify the unquantifiable. Other aspects of business are
pretty much the polar opposite. They can be easily measured and are all about
execution, execution, execution.

One such quantifiable measure of business performance is order fulfilment. Order
fulfilment takes place in many ways depending on exactly what type of goods or
services you are selling but this measure is fundamentally the one that your customers
are using. Did you deliver or not? If not, your reputation and potential for repeat
business can be irreparably damaged.

Many businesses of all different sizes understand that both this aspect is critical to
success and can be often be achieved more cost effectively through using external
service providers when you are supplying and moving physical goods either
domestically or internationally.

At ILG we specialise in warehousing and order fulfilment for our customers
businesses. Our expertise lies in the hard skills of order execution and we utilise the
most up to date techniques to manage our clients' inventory and order fulfilment from
start to finish. Large clients benefit from a seamless productivity with a robust audit
trail whilst smaller businesses tap into not only expertise that may not be able to
afford internally, but they also benefit from our group negotiated service rates with
shipping and courier service providers.

Whatever the size or shape of your goods, the ability to deliver is essential, the ability
to manage inventory prior to despatch may be the difference between having the
opportunity to fulfil an order or not in the first instance. It is so common to hear staff
cast a severe doubt over the validity of supposed stock levels as they get closer to zero.
You can gain confidence in such levels with robustly managed inventory.

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