Evolution of Mobile Phones Technology

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					?Today, mobile phone has become an integral part of our day- to-day life across the
globe as a form of communication tool. As we all know, A.G. Bell invented the
telephone in the year 1875. In this modern era, mobile phones have become a
low-cost personal thing rather than an expensive treasure of the rich when it was first
introduced in the year 1875.

With the advancement of science & technology and miniaturization of the mobile
phones, we have got various add on features such as text messaging (SMS),
multimedia functions (MMS), built in digital camera, FM Radio access, Bluetooth,
WIFI, edge, and over all internet connectivity facility. The first mobile phone
technology popularly known to be a 0G generation dates back to 1945, but those
phones didn't have the handover facility or automatic change of channel frequency
during calls when the user moved to different base station area.

The first and foremost automatic mobile network system service provider called
Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) /1G was established in the year 1981. Untill 1980?s,
mobile phone handsets were large in size and heavy, and were mostly installed in cars
as car phones. Mr. Martin Cooper, Motorola Company had invented the first hand
held phone in the year 1973 which was later on made commercially available for the
public use in 1983 in the form of Motorola DynaTAC8000X model.

The first digital mobile phone was launched in the USA in 1990 and eventually the
second generation mobile phone systems were popularly known as 2G- such as GSM,
CDMA, and TDMA. Work began on developing 3G system phones which are capable
of high data transfer and offers features of video calling technology. The first 3G
system was introduced in 2001 in Japan.

Mobile phone companies are continuously researching on the needs of society and
introduce latest technological handsets offering advanced features. Touch screen and
smart phones in the market are soon becoming a part of most mobile model?s
makeover. The power of these often miniscule handsets is mind blowing and the
possibilities of its usage are endless. Current set of mobile phone handsets are making
us easier in using mobile phone banking, bill payment, news, advertising through
mobiles, and mobile internet service.

A mobile phone has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Mobile phones have
improved beyond recognition with faster processors, smart handset, 3G capabilities
and better screens. Explore over the internet to keep yourself updated about various
upcoming handsets in the mobile phone industry.