Everything That You Should Know About United States Green Card

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					?United States Green Card is a dream of everyone who is not a US resident. The
charm of enjoying quality life in United States attracts people towards getting a Green
Card. The Green Card offered by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services) ensures wonderful chances to work and live. That is the reason behind
global madness for getting a Green Card.

Getting A Green Card - Tough Task

Getting United States green card is not a cup of tea for everyone. In order to getting a
green card, people need to fulfill certain requirements and a strict check for accuracy
of furnished details. There are certain conditions to apply for a

Diversity Lottery Program - Best Alternative for Green Card

Diversity lottery program offered by United States department of State is a good
alternative for getting a Green Card. The requirements and eligibility criteria is not
that strict as in normal ways of Green Card Application. If you are lucky, you can get
a Green Card with very little effort. The Diversity Lottery application process is very
simple. Eligible people can apply online through Department of State's website.

For Diversity Lottery program (also known as Green Card lottery) there is no fee.
Application for DV lottery program is completely free. You don't have to pay a single
penny for applying to

If you are enthusiastic and want to live and work in United States for the rest of your
life, then you should consider applying to Green Card lottery program. Who know,
may be your luck ends up in getting a green card for you.

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