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									?Accumualting ISK on EVE is the principal objective of the game, without ISK you
can't buy weapons, mining equipment, and even pay agents to do work for you.
However you may have discovered players that seem to possess limitless amounts of
ISK in their accounts? What they most likely are using is Eve Online cheats in the
form of 'Bots' that may automate ISK cash even when you sleep.

 These game bots come in several forms and are built to work within your account
mining or performing other ISK making tasks. This is handy as it saves you time and
even works while you are away from the keyword or having a sleep at nights.
Essentially these bots work for twenty-four hours per day building your some major
ISK quickly and enabling your to get items you want to advance thru the game.

The difficulty with these kinds of EVE Online cheats ( bots ) is that if you get caught
by the people that run EVE online you may have your accounts banned thus you end
up losing your ISK and all of your inventory confiscated. This can be demoralizing if
you have spend weeks or months building your ISK funds only to have it vanish.

 Some manage to get away with it but not for long as CCP the owners of EVE online
closely monitor such activity, so your bots will be eventually be found and your
account will be shut down.

 Even purchasing ISK from chinese farmers or borrowing money off your mates can
get your in trouble as CCP can track the sources of where your ISK came from then
penalize you by putting your account negative balance.

 Instead of using Eve Online cheats it is best to learn safe and legit methodologies
that can build ISK swiftly. These ISK making secrets are proven methods that are
constantly being utilised by top EVE online game players. These strategies aren't
dodgy bots or game hacks that may have your accounts shut down but will help you
make ISK quickly and honestly.

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