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									?ESL is the acronym for English as a Second Language. Alternatively this may be
called EFL which is the acronym for English as a Foreign Language. Whichever name
is used it still means that you are teaching English to non-native English speakers or
to someone who has another language as their first language. Sometimes you may be
teaching English to someone who wishes to strengthen their English speaking skills
although they may already speak English. They may not understand English very

ESL jobs are available in countries all over the world. Not all of these schools in
various countries require that the teacher be a certified English teacher. Most ESL
jobs require that you have at least a Bachelors Degree. Other ESL jobs require that
you have a Bachelors Degree plus some form of a certificate.

Teaching jobs are available throughout the world. Many teachers with teaching
certificates from a school in the United States are teaching English as a second
language in many other countries simply using their US-generated teaching

Many others are teaching English as a second language after obtaining an additional
certificate such as a TEFL Certificate. This is a certificate that certifies you as having
training in teaching English as a Foreign Language. This certificate may be obtained
in a traditional school or even taking online classes. As with any online class the
certificate is equal to the prestige of the University or College that grants it.

This type of certification which may also be called an ESL Certificate will generally
cover practical teaching skills. It may also cover practice teaching. It may pair
potential certificate holders with each other to learn teaching skills. It is meant to give
practical knowledge especially to a potential teacher who does not already hold a
teaching certificate of any kind.

This type of certificate may teach the attendee how to teach vocabulary or grammar. It
may help them understand using games to teach English effectively. It also may help
the student understand their role as a teacher.

Certified teachers may also enroll in this type of program to refresh their teaching
skills. Or it may be an additional requirement for application for ESL jobs that may
become available.

There are a lot of requirements before you are accepted for an ESL teaching position,
many of which are related to visas and work permits for the country the applicant is
trying to teach in. The applicant will have to understand all of these requirements and
adhere to the procedures for acquiring them and then sending them on to the authority
that will hire the ESL teacher.
These requirements may vary by country. Of course, if you are applying for an ESL
position in the United States and are already a citizen of the United States then you
will only have to supply the documents required for that position. No work permit or
visa would be required.

Teaching English as a second language could be your new career.

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