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Error-69 in iPod


iTunes and iPod, coupled together offers you the seamless experience of sync. iTunes
syncing take care of the filling the iPod with the newest additions of all the music,
movies, contacts, calendars and other objects when you connect iPod to the Mac or
Windows system.

But the procedure may appear troublesome when you sync files to any iPod in iTunes
on a Mac or Windows system and see the following error message:

"Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)"

The end result of the operation thus comes out to be the failure.

This has been found that this error message is particularly encountered when the file
which is being sent is undergoing some mishaps and is unusable and iTunes is trying
to send files to your iPod. Another issue could be some problems with iPod itself. To
resolve the issue, consider the following points:

? Repeat the attempt of sync and track out the name of the problematic file in the
display right before the occurrence of the error message could appear. Remove it from
the list of the files to be synced. For the multiple file, use the checkboxes to select
them all in a go.

? If the problem still persists and you are not able to cut off to any single file or if
another iPod works with the same songs, then disconnect any other devices connected
to USB or FireWire and try again.

? Resetting of iPod can be done if this also leaves the situation same

? As the last option restore your iPod to factory settings

But the last option of restoring the iPod can be a threat to the data. When the
restoration of the factory settings is done, all the data from the iPod disk is erased and
it is set to the initial factory condition. If you have been precautious in maintaining the
backup then Ipod data recovery would be the easy way to deal as then you can restore
all the data after restoring.

But if you have been the most unfortunate user of not considering this point and has
not backed up any of your song, videos, podcasts, audiobooks etc., then for iPod
recovery the solution runs in other way.iPod data recovery software would go in this
respect which recover each bit of your data in the easy and effective manner.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery software has been designed seeking all the standards
which are required in the perfect iPod data recovery. The software recovers all your
music files, documents, songs, videos etc. which have become inaccessible due to any

This iPod recovery utility come equipped with the interactive interface and is
available for both operating systems: Windows and Macintosh.

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