Error- 'hal.dll missing or corrupt' Necessity of file recovery

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					?In a day to day life, we store numerous important data in the form of word
documents, presentations, spread sheets, bookkeeping files, database files, graphics,
photos, and multimedia files. Any example of file loss, surely lead to an enormous
business or personal loss. As we all know, our memories and some work never can be
recreated, every finger points to a single way, that is

The error message reads like:

"System32Hal.dll missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file."

The "missing or corrupt hal.dll" error displays shortly after the computer is first
started. This error message gives the impression before Windows can be fully loaded
and can not boot further.

Probable causes:

The usual and first hand cause behind the "missing or corrupt hal.dll" error is a
damaged hal.dll file or deletion of it. The cause may be moving of the DLL file to
another location from the intended location. Additional causes may include a damaged
or missing boot.ini file or possibly a physically damaged hard disk.

The hal.dll error may be due to some simple causes and it may go away with the
following processes, or else, we have to check the health of the hard disk whether that
is failing/failed.


     Restart the PC. May be the hal.dll error is just a blink.
     Make your main hard disk as your boot drive. Recent change in the boot order
may be the cause behind the error.
     Run Windows Restore from a command prompt. If this does not work or you are
receiving the hal.dll error message before you are able to complete this process, move
on to the next step.
     Write a new partition boot sector to the Windows XP system partition. If the
partition boot sector has become corrupt or is not properly configured, you may
receive the hal.dll error.
     Restore the hal.dll file from the operating system CD.
     Perform a repair to the operating system.

If all the above method fails, this is a sure case of hard disk failure and to recover
your valuable data, hard drive recovery is the only option left.
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