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ERP ENTERPRISE from eresourceerp

To survive, thrive and beat the competition in today's competitive business world one
has to manage the future. (/eresource-ERP-enterprise.html) Managing the future
means managing information. In order to manage information, deliver high-quality
information to the decision-makers at the right time and to automate the process of
data collection, collation and refinement, organizations have to make information
technology an ally and should harness its full potential and use it in the best way

This is the reason why almost all organizations are turning to some sort of ERP
package as a solution to their information management problems. ERP packages if
chosen correctly, implemented judiciously and used efficiency will raise the
productivity and profits or companies dramatically. But many companies fail in this
because of wrong product, incompetent and haphazard implementation and
inefficiency or ineffective usage.

To work successfully ERP solutions need a lot of factors to click. There should be
good people who know the business, the solution providers should be good and their
package should be the one best suited for the company's needs, the implementation
should be planned well and executed perfectly and the end-user training should be
done so that the people understand the system and the effect of their efforts on the
overall success of the program.

eresourceERP ENTERPRISE is a world class complete ERP suite which will
streamline your business processes

The package includes the following features and modules:

Number of users Unlimited
Number of locations Unlimited
Number of companies Unlimited
Implementation Free of cost
Customization Free of cost


Sales and Order Management & CRM
Purchase and Supplier Management
Service Desk
Web Based Architecture and UI
Management Dashboard
Production and Shopfloor Management
Human Resource Management
Finance Resource Management
Inventory and Material Management
Ware House Management
Excise Management

Software Upgrades

Access to Automate Upgrade Tool

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