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Epos Direct Retail Epos Systems | Epos Direct Retail Epos Solution | Epos direct
Extra Ordinary package for Startup, Growth or Enhancement of Retail Business.

 Epos Direct introducing fantastic

 Exactly what products have been sold?
 How much of the income are actual profit?
 How much has been collected in VAT and is owed to the taxman?
 What products should be left in stock?
 What products need to be re-ordered due to stock getting low?

Epos Direct Retail Epos Systems helpful? for Maintain Stock Control, Customer Sales
Database, Memberships And Accounts, Goods Inwards, Stock Taking, View Customer
Sales & Invoices, Sales Reporting, Serial Number Tracking, Manual Product Code,
Serial Number Tracking & Warranty Expiry Dates, Barcode Label Printing, Multiple
Back Office Computers, Real time Stock Control, Barcode Scanning, Multiple Tills
and Integrated Chip and Pin authorization.

The Complete Retail Solution

 If you are not just after Epos software we can provide the complete Epos solution
which includes:

??? * Touch Screen Epos Terminal

 ??? * Thermal Receipt Printer

 ??? * Barcode Scanner
 ??? * Cash Drawer

 ??? * Barcode Label Printing

 ??? * Full Onsite Installation And Training

 ??? * Telephone Support

 ??? * Hardware Maintenance

Epos Direct Retail Epos System Allows Enhancement & Changes as per your

And this is not the end, we are still introducing more and more features day by day
into the Retail Epos Systems that forwarded to you as well without any single delay
that enhance your business growth. If you need to include any features then you are
most welcome and call to your business account manager immediately.

Epos Direct Head Office Solutions

 The Epos Direct Retail Head Office System allows Retailers business with more
then one location to manage the business operation from one place.?The Head Office
solution is trusted and proven to allow quick and easy decision making processes and
initiates changes throughout the wide area network upto real-time.

Remote access to business critical information from any location

Epos Direct Retail Epos System allows endorsed personnel the option to remotely
access the tills Head Office system. Senior managers and accounting staff can review
sales, stock and cash figures from any location including their home offices. This will
really useful for the analytical teams who have been able to significantly reduce the
number of man-hours involved in the invoicing process due to this facility.

Epos Direct Retail Epos Solution Allows Integration
Now you are really excited when you think this Retail Epos System, you can integrate
with ….

E-commerce Solutions ( E-commerce web site )

Fully integrated with Sage line 50
 Chip & Pin device ( Credit Card Payment Device )
 Scanpal ( Stock Take Device )
 Weighing Scales ( Selling weight product )
 PDA (Useful for Stock in, Stock out & Stock adjustment, Generate sales or purchase
order with specific quantity, Check/Modify the product price, To enter new product
into the system (REAL TIME UPDATE), To modify the product information on the
 MSR ( Magnetic Swipe Card reader, useful for customer or employee identification
or management )

Now you realize Epos Direct Save time and money by selecting from a range of
pre-configured Retail EPOS systems. Providing everything you need to get started,
including software, hardware, and support with a range of packages to suit all

Epos Direct Retail System/Solution stands for reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality
and trust. Epos direct is The authors of the Emporium Software and hospitality
solutions with proven technologies currently used in the Europe, Africa, USA, Asia &
Middle East.

Now surely you are visiting our website for ordering this
Retail Epos System/Solution.

If you want to visit our place then please note down our address:
Epos Direct

67, Victoria Avenue,


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T: +44 (0) 161 740 5001

F: +44 (0) 8701 319 236

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