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									Experience The Intricate Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its own architecture and Mughal era constructions which dot
the state and make it beautiful. To relive history of Rajputs and Mughals this Indian
state is must to visit. Known for its traditional dresses, dances, food, palaces, forts,
forests and wild animals, Rajasthan has something to offer to everybody. The
Aravalli Range in Rajasthan is one of the world's oldest mountain ranges. The World
Heritage Site, famous Keoladeo National Park is also situated here near Bharatpur in
Eastern Rajasthan along with the two famous national tiger reserves, Ranthambore
and Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Rajasthan is rich in the culture of traditional dance, folk music, festivals, food. The
two internationally recognised dances, Ghoomar dance from Udaipur and Kalbeliya
dance of Jaisalmer are the crown jewels of Rajasthan. Kathputali, Bhopa, Chang,
Teratali, Ghindar, Kachchhighori, Tejaji are in the traditional culture. Folk songs like
Ballads of usually heroic deeds and love stories are part of this richness along with
some bhajans and banis (devotional songs) with some musical instruments like
dholak, sitar, sarangi. For tempting your pallete and satiating your hunger in the
romantic desert, the state provides you mouth-watering cuisines like Dal churma, Dal
Batti, Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpuas of Pushkar, Rasogullas
of Bikaner, Jaipur Ghevar to name a few. Rajasthan celebrates its festivals with zeal
and zest in true Rajput style. Mainly Deepawali, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Gangaur,
Teej, Gogaji and Janmashtami are festivals celebrated. Camels are great help and to
the beauty of festivals. Throughout the year people of Rajasthan remain preparing
and organizing fairs with snake charmers, folk performers, puppeteers and acrobats.

The famous Dargah Sharif-tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is situated
in Ajmer. It has been a popular pilgrimage centre for the Muslims as well as Hindus.
Never miss to visit the Pink City, Jaipur. It is named for the ancient houses made of a
pink hue dominated sand stone. While being in Ajmer, the white marble Bara-dari on
the Anasagar lake is must to see. Mount Abu, another spot in Rajasthan presents
contrast of British style bungalows and holiday lodges of the royals. It has a national
wild life sanctuary nearby too. To see the religious places of Rajasthan you should
not miss to visit Jain temples in the fort complexes of Chittor, Jaisalmer and
Kumbhalgarh, Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu, Lodarva Jain temples, Bhandasar
Temple of Bikaner, Ranakpur Temple dedicated to Lord Adinath near Udaipur.

Also known as shopper’s heaven, Rajasthan is famous for textiles, semi-precious
stones and handicrafts. Offering different designs of jewellery and clothes make
markets buzzed whole year. Due to the carvings and bright colours, Rajasthani
handicrafts are in demand. Famous for handicraft items like wooden furniture,
carpets, blue pottery, its markets reflect the colorful Rajasthani culture. Mirror-work
and embroidery clothes have their attraction from everywhere. An ankle length skirt
and a short top, also known as a lehenga or a chaniya choli is a traditional
Rajasthani female dress which one wishes to wear.
Being in Rajasthan is like a lot of places to explore and lot of shopping to do. It has
all that what a tourist wishes to have in a basket of his travelogue. Providing
luxurious hospitality and comfort during stay, the hotels which are not less than
palaces make you to fall in love with the culture of Rajasthan.

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