Experts talk about- the reasons for lumbar disc herniation_4160 by wangnuanzg


									Experts talk about: the reasons for lumbar disc herniation

Now the network has become a necessity of life, and is nothing more than
adults, slow, said some students, but also deep into the mire of the network
will not come out. That was right to annual leave, and from time to time are
heard together in groups students in the excitement that such a holiday, will
be attached to a few suffer from Skynet.

Yang Mu Shanghai Renji Hospital, orthopedic medical experts have warned that
the majority of urban residents: the Internet of these adverse continuous
sitting living habits, can cause or aggravate lumbar disc bulge.

experts recalled the time this summer to come across four 16-year-old student
because of headache, dizziness, nausea, arm and legs numbness and other
symptoms have accompanied their parents to Yang Mu hospital, after diagnosis
found that four students are divergent with the degree of lumbar disc bulge
disease. through the process of asking the habit of their lives, did they
diagnose illness 4 incentives are related with the Internet. “summer all
right at home, one day more than 10 hours of continuous sitting Internet, such
bad habits add to the child

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