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									Essential hypertension drug

Hypertension medication, my daily blood pressure in the 140-90 extraordinary
mercy, to hospital check last year, did not find any need someone to answer
the questions, when he was young my father on the high blood pressure, the
doctor said to be genetic, like this types of hypertension medication you need?

What is essential hypertension, hypertension medication how best

hypertension can be divided into primary two types of sexual and secondary. In
most patients, hypertension of unknown etiology, known as hypertension, high
blood pressure with 95% of the total above; in less than 5% of the patients,
blood pressure rise High is a clinical expression of certain diseases, in
itself a clear and independent cause, is called secondary hypertension.
hypertension, also called hypertension, can lead to high blood pressure
patients in addition to symptoms related to other than their own long-term
high blood pressure can also be a variety of important cardiovascular disease
risk factors, and affect vital organs such as heart, brain, kidney function,
the ultimate function of these organs can lead to Decline. clinicians The
study shows that the original If the early onset of hypertension to find
solutions to essentials, or be able to obtain effective control. clinical
study in patients with essential hypertension recommend homemade brick tea,
health cards, health cards for brick tea can continue to regulate metabolic
balance, coordination of the operation of the body reduce the three-high. and
mild, the taste of natural, green, non-resistant non-dependent.

the high incidence of hypertension among which some of

1) parents suffering Hypertension is the probability of their children
suffering from high blood pressure normal blood pressure was significantly
higher than their parents.

2) salt intake and more people are likely to suffer from hypertension, high
sodium intake can increase blood pressure and sodium intake to blood pressure.
The high calcium and high potassium diet can reduce the incidence of

3) consumption of saturated fatty acids (such as animal fat) than consumption
of unsaturated fatty acids (such as vegetable oil, fish oil) were susceptible
to hypertension.
4) long-term alcohol consumption increases the prevalence of hypertension and
a positive correlation with alcohol consumption.

5) to be highly engaged focus the work of the spirit of serious long-term and
long-term stimulation by noise and other undesirable persons susceptible to

6) In addition, smoking, obesity is also susceptible to high blood pressure.

In addition, daily, the need to try to make it:

1 reasonable limits cooking salt intake, average adult intake of salt, 5g / d
~ 6g / d. In addition, excessive intake of fat is essential a risk factor for
hypertension. hyperlipidemia patients, to strictly control the diet, choose
low cholesterol foods, eat more vegetables, soy products, lean meat, chicken,
rabbit meat, jellyfish and fish, in particular, should be eat cellulose-rich
vegetables to reduce cholesterol absorption in the intestines. limit
consumption of animal fats, eggs, offal and so on. must be reasonable cooking,
food varied, mainly cereals, increase fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and so on.

2 weight limit publicity and education in addition to the dangers of obesity,
it should also guide the patient how to prevent fat weight loss, moderate
increase in aerobic activity, overweight to gradually lose weight, but not too
fast, when patients lose weight should ensure adequate amino acid supplement.
If the lack of amino acids in the diet can lead to malnutrition, decreased
resistance, etc..

3 moderately increased physical activity every day in some outdoor activities,
and perseverance. walking, qigong , tai chi are good. exercise can prevent and
treatment of hyperlipidemia, especially in mental can run or walk every
morning and evening, and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

4 serious life should avoid excessive law to maintain the normal higher
nervous activity; over-excited, over-serious, emotional bumps have bad luck in
the prevention and treatment of essential hypertension.

5 limit drinking, to promote long-term smoking cessation, blood drinkers low
density lipoprotein, easy to cause hyperlipidemia should be drinking.
occasional little to drink a few wines, but smoking is certain to become one
of the predisposing factors of coronary heart disease, should quit. tell
patients that smoking on the mind and energy management system, the role of
persecution, to persuade them to quit smoking are already smokers.
6, adds to the growing health card brick tea, raw tea leaves and buds with
natural herbal tribute as raw materials, modern treatment to replace the new
tea stimulation of traditional medicines, treatment and purification of the
stomach through the tea situation, root pruning toxins and improve digestive
power; constantly adjust the metabolic balance, coordination body functioning
and reduce the three-high

essential hypertension who slow onset, early often asymptomatic, can be
perceived good and even years in the medical examination found that high blood
pressure, few patients in the occurrence of heart, brain, kidney and other
complications before being discovered. hypertensive patients may have
headaches, dizziness, blood pressure measurement

, shortness of breath, fatigue, heart palpitations, tinnitus and other
symptoms, but not with blood pressure levels must be coherent, and often only
after the patient noticed that people with high blood pressure. physical
examination aortic second heart sound can be heard hyperthyroidism, aortic
valve area of ??early systolic murmur, or systolic clicks sound. precipitation
continuous high blood pressure may have left ventricular hypertrophy and
fourth heart sounds can be heard.

as blood pressure levels and heart, brain, kidney complicated linear
relationship between the incidence of disease is based, effective treatment
must be to lower blood pressure to normal range, which landed the following
roads 140/90mmHg, and seniors are also on this specification. For young
patients (“60 years old), hypertension patients with diabetes or kidney
disease, treatment should be to lower blood pressure to 130/85mmHg or less.
essential hypertension diagnosis, once established, require life-long
treatment of head length (Conceiving of non-drug treatment.) Britain after the
end of antihypertensive drug treatment, blood pressure be right about control,
can gradually reduce the dose of antihypertensive drugs, but in general still
need long-term medication, high blood pressure will continue to relapse after
discontinuation of treatment.

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