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					?In industries like manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, real estates etc. that work in a
highly capital intensive environment, physical assets or infrastructure form a large
portion of the total assets of the company. For such an environment failure is a costly
affair. But at the same time occupational and safety regulations also cannot be
compromised with. Hence to prevent the loss or to control the loss, companies try to
maximise their return on assets investment. The Enterprise Asset Management is a
process that allows extracting maximum productivity from any physical asset.

The Enterprise Asset Management takes into account the design, construction,
operations, and plant maintenance. By managing assets across various facilities the
organizations look ahead to increase their return on investment on the assets. An
Enterprise Asset Management system will provide an effective solution for
monitoring and managing the company assets and will keep you safe from sudden

The market requirements of the businesses are dynamic and keep on changing. In
such a scenario, an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) becomes an absolutely
necessary tool to have. It provides the framework for your decisions regarding capital
and labour allocation and helps you meet business needs. It often has a reporting tool
that makes decision making an easier procedure. EAM saves time and money for the
management by optimising resources, enhancing productivity and strengthening the
ability to collect on warranty related claims. It also ensures on-time delivery by
managing work order processes. In case you own a business and are thinking of
getting an EAM system in place, you can go through .au