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So you have finally made it. You have traveled down the enlightened millionaire path
and accumulated more wealth then you could ever hope to spend. You are a
millionaire multiple times over and now you are looking for help to put your money
to good use within the community you grew up in.

For starters, congratulations! Not everyone that commits to becoming a millionaire
actually achieves this goal. There are many that get lost along the way. There is much
to be said about the importance of the journey, but the destination is just as important
as the journey. If you are now a multi-millionaire you already know this. Setting and
actually obtaining the goals is just as important as what we learn along the way.

Now, if you have learned anything in becoming a multi-millionaire you realize that
part of enjoying life and being successful involves helping those around you. Now
that you are a millionaire several times over you are in a great position to help
improve your surrounding community.

Community Improvement Ideas for the Millionaire

Build a Library Every good community needs a library to serve the needs of both the
young and the old. In cities and counties where the budget is tight, a large donation
from a millionaire such as yourself may be just what the doctor ordered to get
community library off of the drawing board and into the construction phase. What
better way to leave your stamp on the community then by giving the gift that keeps on
giving. As the youth that benefit from your community library grow up they will share
the joy of books with their kids and grandkids and so on for generations to come.

Build a Skate Park Just because you are a millionaire doesn't mean you can't
contribute to the community in a fun and exciting way. Kids need constructive
avenues to vent their frustrations and burn some energy. Why not build these kids a
skate park so that they have a gathering place to hang out with their friends. This will
help keep some of these troubled kids off the streets and away from gangs and crime.
They can channel their energy into learning how to skate and having fun rather than
causing trouble in the neighborhood. Bored kids cause trouble, so by eliminating their
reason for boredom you have become part of the solution.

Sponsor a Youth Sports Team You have always wanted to be an owner of a sports
team. Why not take advantage of your millionaire status and sponsor a sports team for
the youth. Kids need multiple avenues to expend their seemingly endless supply of
energy. What better way to allow them to do so then in a constructive sports
environment? In this environment kids will learn to play within the rules and improve
their teamwork.

These are just a few ways you can contribute as a millionaire to the future health and
strength of your community. The ideas are centered around helping the community's
youth grow up in a positive environment. There are of course other ways to impact the
differing age groups of the community, but perhaps the most lasting impact you can
have will be derived by doing something that is entirely for the youth. So now that
you are a millionaire and set for life, go make a difference in your community.

Adam Smith is an informational author for 10X Marketing. To learn how to become
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