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									S5 Near-Surface and resource engineering (48)
   No.                  Author(s)                              Title                 oral order   poster
          1 Stefaniuk M., Wojdyła M, Figula        The application of controlled
                    J., Maj E, Sito L.           source audiomagnetotelluric and
                                               induced polarization methods into
                                                      recognition of shallow
                                                   hydrocarbon deposits in the
                                                         Carpathians area
          2 Luis A. Gallardo, Sergio Fontes, Joint cross-gradient inversion of
            Max Meju ,Patricia de Lugao and offshore seismic reflection, MT,
                         Marcopolo              gravity and magnetic profiles over        2
                                                a petroliferous prospect in Santos
                                                            basin, Brazil
          3 M. Israil, Sudha, B. Tezkan Pravin Joint inversion of TEM and DC
            K. Gupta and J. Rai                resistivity data for mapping the
                                               groundwater contamination around
                                               Roorkee area, India
          5    J. A. Lehmann-Horn and M.          Sensitivity of nuclear spins to
                          Hertrich              excitation in 3-D conductive earth spare1                  1

          6 Michel Chouteau, Rachid Intissar ,     Evaluation of the groundwater
             Michel Ouellet, Diane Myrand         quality in the Magdalen Islands    spare3                2
                                                   using ERT-TDEM monitoring
          7 Annika Steuer, Bernhard Siemon,        Detection of a saltwater-rising
                     Joachim Palm                     zone by helicopter-borne
                                                                                     spare 3               3
                                                    electromagnetics at the Elbe
                                                    estuary in northern Germany
          8 Julien Guillemoteau, Pascal          On three programs for the 1D
                                                                                  spare4                   4
            Sailhac Mickael Behaegel             TDEM inverse problem
          9 Daniel Feucht, Esteban Bowles-       Geothermal Fluid Reinjection
              Martinez, James Ryan, T. Grant     Monitoring using Magnetotelluric
             Caldwell, Stephen Bannister, Ted    Soundings in New Zealand         spare 5                  5
            Bertrand, Stewart Bennie, George
         10       Sudha, Bülent Tezkan,          Investigation of a waste site in
              Mohammad Israil, Jagdish Rai Roorkee, India using RMT: a case                                6
         11 Jorge L. Porsani1, Emerson R.     TDEM Survey at Paraná
            Almeida, Cassiano A. Bortolozo, Sedimentary Basin Applied to
            Fernando A.M. Santos              Hydrogeological Studies in                                   7
                                              Bebedouro Region, São Paulo
                                              State, Brazil: Preliminary Results
12 Jared Peacock, Stephan Thiel,       MONITORING ENHANCED
   Louise McAllister, Graham           GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM
   Heinson                             FLUIDS WITH
13 A. Simakov, A. Saraev, N.           Mobile and controlled source
   Antonov, A. Shlykov and B.          modifications of the
   Tezkan                              radiomagnetotelluric method and        9
                                       prospects of their application in
                                       the near-surface geophysics
14 Marquez Molina, J.J., Sainato        Relations between bulk electrical
   Claudia M.                          conductivity and some physical
                                       properties of soils with high
                                       organic matter content
15   O.I. Ingerov, V. Soldatenko, A.   Statistical Method for
                Lozovoy                Interpretation of Controlled Source
                                       Frequency Domain                      11
                                       Electromagnetic Sounding
                                       (CSFDEMS) Data
16      Zhiguo An, Qingyun Di           Static correction for CSAMT data
                                         and its application on long and
                                          deep shield tunnel exploration

17      Zhiguo An, Qingyun Di          Confirmation of geological
                                     structure with CSAMT method
18 Natalia-Silvia Asimopolos, Paul          RESEARCH FOR
     Cristea, Anca-Marina Vijdea,        ENVIRONMENT AND
   Laurentiu Asimopolos, Emil Rusu      SUSTAINABLE USE OF
                                          RESOURCES IN THE
                                    GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF
19 Sainato, Claudia M., Marquez     Soil and groundwater
   Molina J.J., Losinno B.N.,      contamination at cattle feedlots
   Urricarriet S., Malleville H.J. evaluated through electrical and
                                   electromagnetic induction surveys
20 P. Yogeshwar, B. Tezkan, M. Groundwater contamination in the
         Israil, E. Candansayar    Roorkee area, India: 2D joint
                                   inversion of Radiomagnetotelluric         16
                                   and Direct Current Resistivity data

21       Zhang Luolei, Yu Peng         A study on sharp boundary
                                       inversion with diagonal gradient      17
22     Vikas Baranwal, Peter Walker, Helicopter-borne Geophysical
     Janusz Koziel, Thomas Møller and Survey over the Kongsberg area of
            Jan Steiner Rønning       Norway: a new view of an historic
                                      mining district
23      Viacheslav Spichak and Olga    Indirect EM temperature
                 Zakharova            estimation in the northern Tien       19
24   András Madarasi, Balázs Füsi,    Fractured granite investigation by
     Ernő Prácser                     surface magnetotelluric and
                                      subsurface DC resistivity
25   Klaus Lippert, Bülent Tezkan,    Detection of fresh groundwater
     Rainer Bergers                   bodies within Mediterranean sub-
                                      marine aquifers using marine Long     21
                                      Offset Transient Electromagnetics
26   Alexander Saraev, Arseny Shlykov Features of CSAMT investigations
                                      in regions with intermediate          22
                                      resistive layers
27   Anne Bublitz, Andreas Junge,       Magnetotelluric Measurements
     Alexander Löwer                    across the Upper Rhine Graben
28   Kseniya Antaschuk, Alexander     MT-AMT geothermal exploration
     Saraev, Michail Pertel           on the Kamchatka peninsula            24

29 Shalivahan, Bimalendu B.      Audio magnetotelluric studies
   Bhattacharya and Rajib K.     over Bakreswar hot spring, Eastern         25
   Sinharay                      India
30 Gad El-Qady, Usama Massoud,   Joint inversion of VES and TEM
                                 data for investigation of
    Fernando Santos, El-Said Ragab,
             Sultan Awad         geothermal resources and sea               26
                                 water intrusion at Hammam
                                 Mousa hot spring, Sinai, Egypt
31 Mamadouh Soliman, Hany Salah, Joint Inversion of TEM/Resistivity
   Sultan Awad and Mahmoud       Data for Groundwater Exploration
   Gaballah                      at Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert,         27

32 Abdelfettah Yassine, Pascal            Sub-basalt basin imaging in
   Tarits, Sophie Hautot, Jean         Turkana area, northern Kenya by
   Jacques Tiercelin & Marcia Maia     joint inversion of magnetotelluric
                                                and gravity data
33 Mahfooz A. Hafez, Hany Mesbah, Ground Penetrating Radar and
   Mamdouh. M. Soliman, Mahmoud Electrical Resistivity Tomography
   Gaballah and Abbas M. Abbas      for the detection of tombs in El-
                                    Hawawish area, Suhag, Egypt
34 Claudia Arango-Galván, E. Leticia Geoelectrical characterization
      Flores-Márquez, Raymundo         using TDEM and ERT data to
           Martínez-Serrano         build a hydrogeological model of a       30
                                       small portion of the aquifer of
                                              Puebla (Mexico)
35    Diego Ruiz-Aguilar, Claudia   Aquifer assessment in Alfajayucan
     Arango-Galván, Jose Antonio     (Hidalgo, México) using TDEM
   Hernández-Espriú, Alberto Arias-
36     Jessica Spratt, Jim Craven     Magnetotelluric imaging of the
                                    Nechako Basin, British Columbia,         32
37          Mehrez Elwaseif         Characterizing Areas of Slope
                                    Failure at Muqattam Plateau Using        33
                                    Ground Penetrating Radar
38 Marek Wojdyla, Michał Stefaniuk, Three approaches to evaluation of
              Elżbieta Maj           velocity field from CSAMT data          34

39 Mehrdad Bastani, Andreas Aspmo CSRMT Measurements to Model
      Pfaffhuber, Lena Persson   Quick Clays in SmØrgrav, Norway             35

40 V. R. Balasubramaniam             GPR survey for mapping shallow
                                     subsurface anomalies – A case
                                     study from a hydroelectric project
41 ME Everett, KT Decker              Transient controlled-source
                                     response of a fractured multilayer      37
42 Pavel Yu. Pushkarev, Pavel V.        Possibilities to investigate off-
   Ivanov                             profile resistivity variations using   38
                                          MT data: a synthetic study
43   Gad El-Qady, Magdy Atya,        Integrated CSEM and TEM survey
     Mohamed Abdelzaher and F.           for groundwater exploration,
             shaaban                         western desert, Egypt

44 Flora F. Solon, Sergio L. Fontes, Geoelectric Characterization of
          Jean Marie Flexor          onshore basement and carbonate
                                     structures from Sao Francisco
                                     Basin, Brazil
     45 Pavel Yu. Pushkarev, Sergey Yu. Electrical study of archaeological
         Vnukov, Aleksey V. Porotov, city-site of Semibratnee (Taman
        Pavel V. Ivanov, Daria S. Sileva peninsula, Russia)

46        Juanjo Ledo, Pilar Queralt, Alex            Spatial and temporal
           Marcuello, Xenia Ogaya, Lena        characterization of CO2 storage
          Escalas, Perla Piña, Pedro Ibarra       sites using electromagnetic
47          Ruo Wang  Guangjie Wang        Investigating water-bearing in the
             Miaoyue Wang  Qingyun Di        coal measure strata using integral
                                                geophysical methods: example
                                                   from a coalfield in China
     48     Mahmoud Gaballah(1), Mark         High Resolution 3D GPR Applied
          Grasmueck(2) and Motoyuki Sato          for Characterizing Shallow
                                                  Subsurface Archaeological        44
                                                 Structures at Saqqara, Egypt

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