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									                              Tim Counts
                              Engineering Technician

Years Experience                    Mr. Counts has 2 years of quality control testing experience in construction
                                    materials testing as a field and laboratory technician. His primary experience
2                                   includes field and laboratory testing of roller compacted concrete (RCC) that
                                    includes aggregate testing, casting RCC cylinders and nuclear field density
Education/Training                  testing of compacted RCC. In addition, Mr. Counts served as the Data Entry
                                    Technician; he was responsible for entering, reporting and filing data.
Nuclear Gauge/Troxler
                              Fall Line Mix Design Center - Tucson, Arizona:
OSHA 10 Hrs.                        Mr. Counts assisted in laboratory setup, and participated in the ISO 17025
                                    accreditation assessment.
ACI – Concrete Testing
Technician Grade 1            Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Project – Annapolis, MO:
                                    Mr. Counts served as an engineering technician performing QA services for
ACI- Aggregate Testing              the new 2.7 million cubic yard RCC upper reservoir. Mr. Counts performed
Technician Level 1                  sampling and testing of aggregates processed at the on-site crushing plant
                                    and performed various laboratory tests to determine gradation, specific
ACI- Strength Testing               gravity, flat & elongated and minus #200 content of sampled aggregates. He
Technician                          also performed sampling and testing of RCC in order to cast RCC cylinders
                                    and perform tests to determine the fresh unit weight and air content of RCC.
ACI – Concrete Laboratory           Mr. Counts also performed sampling and testing of conventional concrete
Testing Technician- Level 1         utilized as mass, leveling, bedding and facing concrete and has performed
                                    laboratory testing of RCC and conventional concrete to determine
USACOE CQC Systems                  compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and split tensile strength.

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