; Enflick Releases New Texting Application for iPhone and iPod Touch
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Enflick Releases New Texting Application for iPhone and iPod Touch


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									?Enflick, Inc. Lately released Unlimited SMS, the mobile market's most trustworthy
way to send and receive texts for free. Designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch,
Unlimited SMS uses a 3G, EDGE, or Wifi connection and permits users to send free
texts in America and Canada with one purchase.

  Unlimited SMS features push notifications, informing users instantly when a
message is received, a landscape keyboard creating cushty text entry, frolicsome
emoticons providing lively chats and a dedicated texting address allowing users to get
texts from any mobile phonephone to their permanent address.

 In the coming weeks, Enflick will be updating Unlimited SMS with custom

'Unlimited SMS was made to give folks a much-needed texting application that's easy
to use,' declared Derek Ting, Enflick manager. 'We have received a great reply so far
and are happy for the approaching updates that may allow users to further customize
their experience.'

 Unlimited SMS introduces a responsive user-interface and easy-to-use features that
creates a productive application without compromising appearance or speed.

 Unlimited SMS is available for purchase thru the iTunes store for $4.99. Once users
purchase Unlimited SMS they are going to have unlimited texting with no annual

 Supporting Carriers
 AT&T, Verizon, run, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Alltel, Cricket, Metro
computers, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Sasktel
Mobility and MTS Mobility.

 About Enflick
 Enflick ( enflick.com ) is devoted to designing reliable and user-friendly applications
for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Set up in 2008, Enflick creates inventive software in a
quickly growing market.

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