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Encrypt Files _ Folders Easily with Fast File Encryption Software


File encryption software have developed a great deal of importance and significance
in the field of information technology, although there are many other ways that you
can use to secure your personal and confidential files but using a file encryption
software would definitely be the most secure and most reliable method.

File encryption is a special technology that is being used to protect your important and
personal data which may include files, folders, pictures, audios, videos, creative
materials and etc, in such a way that no one can sneak into your files without your
permission? or in other words without your password.

Microsoft Windows Operating System also offers you the feature of encryption. It
uses EFS i.e.; Encryption File System Driver to set up encryption. This driver can
encrypt files and other important materials so that attackers cannot access your data
without your permission or password.

Encryption File System Driver apply symmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt your
files and folders; and this symmetric algorithm or key is also known as File
Encryption Key.

If you have pretty sensitive data that you want to encrypt, I would not prefer using
Windows built-in encryption because it uses symmetric encryption algorithm which
has certain loopholes in it. Even though using Windows built-in feature of encryption
is safe but it is not as secure as it should be.

The reason why built-in feature is not secure enough is that because it uses symmetric
encryption algorithm which is not strong enough and can be easily cracked by an
average computer user with the help of some decrypting and cracking software; and
under such circumstances, your data is at risk.

Data security is the basic need of all computer users and comparatively a big issue
among computer users. As the field of technology is progressing step by step,
computer users have become smart enough that they have found out the ways to
secure the information that they have saved on their computers and laptops.

There are different approaches to secure your data. Some people are using the
technique of coding on a notepad file that creates an encrypted folder. In this
encrypted folder, you can keep your important data and can lock it with a password.
But the hackers and crackers are far cleverer these days, they know how to break this
coding and therefore such type of tricks to secure your data in not at all safe.

Some people also using zip tools to make their private files inaccessible as zip files
also provides you an option to add password to zipped files, but again since it is a
simplest way to add password to your files, it can be very easily breached.
The most secure way to password protect folders and files is using a file encryption
software preferably with 256-bit AES encryption. File encryption software have build
up a good repute in the sphere of data security and privacy because their encryption
mechanism is far more strong and guarantee complete security against data lost,
privacy breaches, hacking attempts and virus attacks.

In addition to this, there are some reliable file encryption software which comes with
many other useful features like USB portability, history cleaning, data shredding,
ability to lock and/or lock files and folders, auto protection, stealth mode and many
more. All such additional features of a file encryption software make it icing on the

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