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Encore Careers- How Much Money is Enough for Your Encore Life-


									?Copyright (c) 2009 Lin Schreiber

"How much money is enough?" is a great question to ponder in your journey to an
encore career. And, it is even more important if your retirement nest egg has taken a
serious hit in the current economic climate. Money is a common concern at this time
in every woman's life. However, don't let the answer paralyze you into taking no
action but rather let it propel you into your new encore life.

This question first came to my attention when I read "Your Money or Your Life" by
Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez over 10 years ago. I'm personally not wild about
their financial advice, and some of the suggestions are a bit too stringent for my taste.
But, they really helped me come to terms with the idea that, at the time, I was
"making a dying" (meaning my work left me depleted and demoralized) instead of
making a living. Their helpful wisdom enabled me to simplify my life in ways that
made me feel not deprived.

So before you leap into your encore career, take this one important step:

Define exactly how much money (stuff, lifestyle, etc.) is enough for you, and, then
figure out how much you "have to" make. You may discover you need far less than
you think. Why? Because you're at a new stage of your life, living your encore life in
a completely different way than the life you're leaving behind.

As with many of you, money is often an issue at Retire Retirement Boot Camp.
Interesting how many participants are stuck in "I like my current lifestyle exactly the
way it is, thank you very much!" And, equally interesting how that conversation shifts
after they've defined their top values.

Many participants realize that what they thought was delight in their current lifestyles,
was more like zoning out in an all-too-comfortable comfort zone. When they get in
touch with what is most important to them right now in their lives, they're amazed at
how much of their current lifestyle no longer fits. Then, they're able to let go of some
of their old ideas about what they really want and need, and started to get excited
about the kind of encore careers that would align with their values, and give them a
new, happier, simplified version of their current lives.

Ask yourself "What do I really need and want?" The answer may surprise you.


Certified Retirement Coach Lin Schreiber, author of the popular ABC's of
Revolutionizing Retirement, helps self-reliant women reinvent themselves in the next
stage of life, formerly known as "retirement" by designing a new encore life that
includes a fulfilling encore career. To claim your free Encore Career Starter Kit, visit
her site at =====>

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