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					?Are you looking for a job? Have you searched the web without finding the right kind
of job in the right location for you? There is a website that may be just what you are
looking for. EmploymentCrossing.com is a website that consolidates all positions
advertised by Fortune 500 companies and most posted by employers on other web
pages and job boards. It has special section for specific types of employment, from
accounting to aerospace engineering to travel positions to writing.

What makes EmploymentCrossing.com a better choice than other web pages? First of
all, the company employs a staff of trained researchers who analyze the jobs before
they are listed on their site, so you can feel confident that the jobs are legitimate and
that you are getting unbiased information about the jobs. Second, because
EmploymentCrossing.com lists jobs from so many sources, it's the best choice for
finding the most jobs in your field. Third, EmploymentCrossing.com will allow you
to view its site for free on a trial basis. As a private job board that does job openings
research, the company charges $29.95 a month to look at its jobs. This ensures that
fewer applicants are looking at each job. More jobs are listed, because there is no
charge for employers to list with the site, unlike the large fees typically charged by
other sites. Finally, EmploymentCrossing.com has more jobs listed on its site than any
other website. This makes it an excellent place to launch your job search.

If you are looking for the most job listings in a particular field, you can choose from a
pull-down menu of job classifications. Once you have chosen a field of interest, you
can also choose the country, state, city that you wish to search. For example, if you
want a position as an aerospace engineer in Kuwait, you can search for exactly that
position. If you are looking for an accounting position in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you
can find the listings available for that city. Rather than having to search through over
50,000 employer web pages in the United States or thousands of job boards and
newspapers for appropriate positions, you can find what you are looking for in one

The EmploymentCrossing.com web site has a space for member testimonials. A
sampling of member comments shows some common experiences:
? pleased with the number of positions available in chosen profession
? like the opportunity to search other cities when considering a move
? fantastic search engine
? will share web site with friends and colleagues
? like the daily updates of new postings
? site easy to navigate
? got a position within one month of joining

So if you are looking for a web site that lists the most jobs, does job openings research,
and gives you unbiased information about jobs, give EmploymentCrossing.com a try.
Once you have checked out the free trial offer, you will know that this site is worth
the investment of $29.95 to find just the right position in your field. Good luck and
happy job hunting.

Andrew Harrison Barnes, Esq., a JD from the University of Virginia Law School, is
the CEO and founder of EmploymentScape (previously Juriscape), a research
company dedicated to offering career services to a diverse range of professionals.
Barnes began EmploymentScape operations with the launch of BCG Attorney Search
in 2000, and continued adding more career websites to support legal professionals. In
2007, Barnes established EmploymentCrossing, one of his first ventures to cater to
people outside of the legal community. Till date, EmploymentCrossing has launched
90-plus industry-specific job boards to serve professionals from every possible field.

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