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      Heather Cooksey
      Liberty Park Elementary

September 9, 2010

        Did you know that everyone holds an invisible bucket? Your bucket can be
either filled or drained based upon daily interactions with others. Kind words,
helpful deeds, friendly gestures, smiles, and compliments are just a few ways of
filling someone’s invisible bucket. Liberty Park Patriots have been working very
hard to fill buckets! Kim Ferguson, Dean of Students, introduced the concept of
filling buckets to all grade levels through the use of the book Have You Filled a
Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud and David Messing. This rich text
demonstrated the concepts of respect, responsibility, and self-control, and how
these concepts fill everyone’s invisible bucket. Each week, Mrs. Ferguson selects a
Spotlight Student that has worked hard to fill the buckets of others. These students
are highlighted in the weekly school newsletter with their picture and they are also
rewarded with a special medallion that can be worn for all to see. In addition, each
Spotlight Student’s name appears on the school’s scrolling marquee board.

        Lyndsay Davis, fourth grade teacher, has been working hard with her class
to take the concept of filling buckets to the next level. Her students have adopted 
a restroom inside the school building. To fill the buckets of their peers, her fourth 
grade students keep the restroom clean, and created posters that highlight rules 
and procedures of the restroom. Her students willingly stay in during a small 
portion of their recess to check the restrooms to make sure everything is in order. 
Also, Miss Davis’ class is continuing the concept of filling buckets by collecting 
blankets, toys, and other gently used items to give to local food banks and 
shelters during the holiday season. To help Miss Davis’ class, contributions may be 
made to Liberty Park Elementary.  Do your part…have you filled a bucket today? 

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