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                               FOLLOW THESE 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS


                                        1. Learn about the Bronze Award
                                Read pages 202 - 203 of the Junior Girl Scout Handbook.
                                     Decide on your Bronze Award service project.

                                            2. Discover your Interests
                                          Earn 2 badges related to your project.

                                      3. Explore Girl Scout Program Goals
                                      See pages 189-197 of the Junior Handbook
                                Complete the requirements for one of the Girl Scout Signs.

                                            4. Learn about Leadership
                                                Earn the Junior Aide Patch
                                        The Junior Girl Scout Leadership Award
                      Two of these badges: Girl Scouting in the USA, Girl Scouting Around the World,
                                        Girl Scouting in My Future, and Lead On

                              5. Plan and Implement your Bronze Award project
                        Complete a project that shows you live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
                             Planning and action steps must take a minimum of 15 hours.

                                     6. Submit Bronze Award Report Form
                                             Evaluate project with advisor
                                          Submit Bronze Award final paperwork

Bronze Award Packet                                                                                    Page   1
                                            BRONZE AWARD
The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. It shows she has made a promise
to help others, improve her community and world, and become the best she can be.

This award is LEADER approved, there is no council or service team approval needed, however, in order for the
Girl Scout of Western New York, to recognize the achievement of each girl, the Bronze Award Information
Sheet must be submitted to the council by March 31st. Information received by this date will be included in the
Celebration of Achievement publication.

                                 BRONZE AWARD PROJECT TIPS

A Bronze Award project must:

        -    Take 15 hours per girl to complete, including planning time.
        -    Provide community service to any organization including Girl Scouts
        -    Follow all listed STEPS (see attached)
        -    This should be a new service project that you or your troop/group have not done before
        -    Follow all Safety-Wise and GSWNY council policies and procedures.

Once the project is complete, the leader will fill out one Bronze Award Information Sheet for all troop members
who have completed the Bronze Award requirements and return it completed to the council shop. (The
Information Sheet is located in the Bronze Award Packet.) Send another copy to your local Service Center,
Attention: Bronze Award. The leader needs only to send in a copy of the Information Sheet to the council shop
and to the Service Center. The remainder of the packet is returned to the Bronze Award recipient.

Bronze Award pins and patches are available for purchase in the local Girl Scout Shop. We advise you call ahead
to order the number of pins and patches needed for our girls. Turn around time may be several weeks, so keep in
mind when ordering or planning ceremonies.

Girl Scout Shops
        Batavia          585-344-7050 / 800-398-3855
        Buffalo          716-837-6400 X 235 / 888-837-6410 X235
        Jamestown        716-665-2225 / 800-373-3295
        Lockport         716-434-6212 / 866-694-7969
        Rochester        585-239-7901 / 800-333-0692

Bronze Award Packet                                                                                     Page      2

Who can earn the Bronze Award?
The Bronze Award is open to all registered girls in Grades 4 and 5.

Can accomplishments earned prior to starting my Bronze Award be counted?
No! Accomplishments earned prior to Grade 4 cannot be used towards the Bronze Award.

Can we do a project as a troop?
Yes! Each girl needs to make sure that she contributes her part, and puts in a minimum of 15 hours on the project.
Example: 2 girls = 30 hours.

Can I fundraise for another organization?
Absolutely not!! NO! NO! NO! Under no circumstance can a girl (or her leader) raise funds for another
organization. (Safety Wise pg. 69, Standard 33)

Who pays for the Bronze awards pins and patches?
The Girl Scout Leader is responsible for purchasing the pins and patches.

Is there financial assistance available for leaders to purchase pins/patches?
There is limited assistance available for special circumstances. The leader will need complete the Troop
Application Requesting Financial assistance, or Form # 4100.

Why do we need to turn in the Bronze award Sheet if this is approved at the leader level?
At the end of each membership year information goes out to the community to recognize all award recipients.
Having the information at hand makes it easy to recognize all girls achieving an award.

Where can I find additional information about the Bronze Award?
        -    Junior Handbook, pages 202-203
        -    Junior Badgebook
        -    GSUSA website:
        -    Girl Scouts of Western New York – Service Center offices

Bronze Award Packet                                                                                        Page   3
                          Girl Scouts of Western New York, Inc.
Girl’s Name:                                                          Troop ______________

Earn two badges relating to your Girl Scout Bronze Award Project.

Badge #1:
                         Badge Title

How does this badge relate to your project?

Date Completed                          Leader’s Signature:

Badge #2:
                         Badge Title

How does this badge relate to your project?

Date Completed                          Leader’s Signature:

Complete one of the four Girl Scout Signs. (Requirements found in the Junior Girl Scout Handbook)
Sign Completed (check one):
Sign of the Rainbow [ ] Sign of the Sun [ ] Sign of the Star [ ] Sign of the World [ ]

Date Completed                          Leader’s Signature:

Earn the Junior Aide Patch OR
Earn the Junior Girl Scout Leadership Award OR
Earn two of the following badges:
a.      Girl Scouting in the USA                                b.      Girl Scouting Around the World
c.      Girl Scouting in My Future                              d.      Lead On

I have earned:                                                                          or

I have earned: Badge #1                                         Badge #2

Date Completed                          Leader’s Signature:

Bronze Award Packet                                                                                  Page   4
Do a Girl Scout Bronze Award Project. This project shows the leadership skills you have learned as a Junior Girl
Scout and your commitment to your community and to yourself. To earn this award, you will do a project that
shows that you understand and live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

The project should:

1.      Take approximately 15 hours to complete (this includes planning time). Doing the project itself should
        take at least seven to eight hours.
2.      Provide community service, in or outside of Girl Scouting.
3.      Follow the Action Plan in the “Adventures in Girl Scouting” chapter of the Junior Girl Scout Handbook (pp.
        38-39). This should be a new service project that you or you and your troop or group have decided to do
        to earn this award. It should not be something you have already done.
4.      Follow safety rules. Check with your leader or advisor about which safety rules apply to your project.


What was your project?

What did you learn from this project?

How did your project help someone else?

How did your project help you with your leadership skills?

Bronze Award Packet                                                                                      Page      5
                              Girl Scouts of Western New York, Inc.

Name:                                         Troop#:               Start Date:

            This form is to be turned in with Girl Scout Bronze Award Requirement Worksheet!!

                                                                  Girls      Leader’s       Business
                 Service                  Date      # Hours
                                                                 Initials     Initials    Owner’s Initials

Bronze Award Packet                                                                             Page 6
                                                 BRONZE AWARD INFORMATION SHEET
                                 Please turn into the Girl Scout shop when purchasing Bronze Award pins.
                   Information submitted by March 31st. will be included in any Celebration of Achievement publications.

Leader Name                      Leader Address               Phone #                Email Address            Service Unit       Troop #

       Girl Name                  Girl Address           Phone #        Grade         School                     Project Title

 Bronze Award Packet                                                                                                  Page 8
      Girl Name       Girl Address   Phone #   Grade   School   Project Title

Bronze Award Packet                                                  Page 8

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