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					Motion: Zero Tolerance Policy on discrimination.

Amendment to point 2.2 (e) of section E of the UWSU constitution (Code of Conduct and
Disciplinary Procedure).

This Union believes:

1) There is no zero tolerance policy with regards to discrimination of any kind
2) Zero tolerance policy has been implemented in other Students’ Unions and has been
3) A Zero Tolerance policy shows a serious commitment to the welfare and safety of our
members, guests and visitors of the Union and/or the University.

This Union Further Believes:

1. That a policy of Zero Tolerance would discourage abuse, harassment,and discrimination
against any other members of UWSU, and guests and visitors of the Union and/or the
2. That The NUS Womens Campaign currently has a briefing on becoming a Zero Tolerance
Policy to Sexual Harrassment.
3. That the NUS Women’s Campaign zero tolerance campaign can be used as a framework
for our own policy.

This Union resolves:

1) To mandate the VP Education officer to work alongside the Part-time Officers to work on a
Zero Tolerance policy for UWSU using the NUS Women’s briefing as a template.
2) To include in this policy clear procedures for violations of this policy.
3) To replace clause 2.2 (e) with the Zero Tolerance policy when it is created and finalised.
4) To have this in place for the new academic year 11/12.
5) To ensure that this policy is widely promoted, and adhered to at all UWSU events.