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									Gastritis symptoms and treatment

Gastritis symptoms and treatment of gastritis seem to have made recently, and
often feel uncomfortable, what are the treatment of the symptoms of gastritis?
Do not take medicine, then, how treatment can is good?

not the most Best answer

stomach pains, loss of appetite do not take heart, there is burning sensation
in the stomach, etc.

Hello, I am Tibetan Hospital of Fujian JINHE Li Sing Director.

gastritis has been known at the moment, the root cause irregular care about
life, eating habits lead to bad. symptoms of gastritis according to a
different judge the performance of different symptoms. Remember that we care
about is one-third of stomach treatment of seven support. absolutely not
buying them you eat.

you can look at the Tibetan triple therapy.

Tibetan medicine, gastrointestinal disease, mainly because of Long, red bus,
bacon, three due to imbalance result. So, adjust the imbalance of three
fundamental reason is the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Tibetan “triple therapy” is based on the human body due to imbalance of the
three, and study a method of treatment of gastrointestinal disease, that is
“clear, repair, flat” combination of the three.

clear: to quit the body destroy bacteria. If H. pylori.

repair: repair of damaged gastric mucosa, glands .

Ping: Ping Yang, adjusting Gushen spleen, improve the body resistance force,
activation gland atrophy and restore gastric function.

a lot of clinical data show that “triple therapy “Western medicine for a
variety of long lasting in terms of atrophic gastritis, ulcers, chronic
colitis, bile reflux and other gastrointestinal diseases, there is simply
spend less, faster healing, without recurrence after more obvious advantages.
particularly Fujian people have not used a lot of Tibetan medicine and Tibetan
medicine, physical therapy contact with, and degree of acceptance from the

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