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					Fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers What is the difference?

Fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers What is the difference?

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fiber lasers, laser marking system is the focus, it is accepted by many low-
power air-cooled laser diode as the pump source, through the process of multi-
branch laser coupled into a single optical fiber, doped with rare earth
elements in (Nd, Yb or Er) fiber as the laser medium, the mirrors, fiber Bragg
grating as a resonator (resonant cavity that he is a fiber ), can be pulsed
and continuous operation.

new fiber laser with a single mode output, thermal characteristics, high
efficiency, compact layout and other characteristics, especially for high-
precision laser marking industry.

typical 10-100KHz repetition rate of work, 10W-20W power output equal volume
of fiber laser products, only 22 * ??25 * 10cm, and there is no water system,
ground into small size big.

semiconductor laser is a solid-state lasers.

solid-state lasers is to use solid-state laser material things as a working
laser. In 1960, TH Maiman invented the ruby ??laser is a solid-state laser, is
the world boil laser Taiwan . solid state lasers generally work by the laser
thing, excitation source, condenser cavity resonator mirrors, and power and
other parts.

accepted by this laser thing of solid work is to be a place to nurture
stimulated emission effect of metal ions doped crystals made of. in the solid
can occur by stimulated emission of the role of birth of the metal ions are
mainly three types: (1) transition metal ions (such as Cr3 ); ⑵ most of the
lanthanide ions ( such as Nd3 , Sm2 , Dy2 , etc.); ⑶ actinide metal ions
(such as the U3 )。

crystal lasers with ruby ??(Al2O3: Cr3 ) and doped (can) neodymium (nv) Y (yi)
aluminum garnet Stone (abbreviated as YAG: Nd3 ) are typical examples. glass
laser is based on neodymium glass laser is a typical representative.

also another kind of laser called the CO2 laser.
short , that is, they fired the laser medium material are different. fiber
laser gain medium is the use of optical fiber, semiconductor lasers used in
semiconductor gain medium material, usually gallium arsenide, indium gallium
and other applications. (Similarly, solid-state laser gain medium typically is
a crystal or glass, ceramics and so on. gases is the use of helium-neon gas,
carbon dioxide.) semiconductor laser is a light-emitting mechanism of
particles in the conduction band and valence band of light occurs between the
time of birth of quantum transitions, as the semiconductor, so the use of
electrical stimulation then, is a direct electro-optical conversion. but less
than enough to not be able to directly implement fiber optic conversion, you
need to use light to pump the gain medium (typically a laser diode-pumped),
which implements the optical conversion.

fiber laser cooling is good, you can usually air-cooled. semiconductor laser
affected by temperature, is very large, when the power is larger, the need for

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