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									How astigmatism with contact lenses?

I want with Stealth Autumn, please skilled artist to help us to see with what
degree, the best translation of essentials can tell me, thank you!

225 right eye myopia, astigmatism 175150

left eye myopia, astigmatism 175

in this tribute!

not the best answer

cool to do as a professional children astigmatism contact lenses , price 580
yuan, the annual cast! If not worthy of astigmatism to R:-3.00L: -2.50

astigmatism Johnson wearing a stealth, you go to store custom eyes child,
indicating the degree of your frame, shop There were tables.

contact lenses eye children children Qu Qu frame brightness = brightness ÷
(1-0.012 × eyes of children bent frame brightness), a brightness equivalent
to ordinary so-called bent 100 degrees, myopia Qu brightness is negative,
hyperopia Qu brightness is positive. According to this formula can be
converted eyes of children the correct degree of stealth. If there is no
corresponding degree translated, you can choose the nearest degree low. For
example, 800 degrees by 75 degrees After a 725 degrees, not 725 degrees, 700
degrees should be chosen, are provided by analogy.

for astigmatism, axial length and degree are involved, little is currently
assigned to the house immediately, most need custom.

by the degree you are looking for, down conversion is, the right eye with -
1.50 -2.00 myopic astigmatism, left eye -1.25 -1.50 of myopia with astigmatism.
astigmatism with the invisible children must be customized eye.

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