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									Hives how the treatment?

My mother more than 50 years of age, a spring, suddenly the body is tangled in
red envelopes, the doctor said that hives, eat a week of Chinese medicine,
anti-inflammatory drugs, and the outer rub the ointment, not a turn for the
better, please experienced people to help.

urticaria, commonly known as “hives”, “wind group”, Chinese medicine is
called “urticaria”, is a common allergic children pork skin disease.

Urticaria pork skin clinic unique is that children appeared on big and small,
ranging from bright red, white porcelain Princess color or wind groups, such
groups often wind suddenly, a few hours and then quickly dissipated, leaving
both subsided after What traces.

outbreak of urticaria can be repeated, chronic outbreak may repeat a few weeks,
months or even years, severe itching.

motherland medicine hives main if the wind, wet, the skin caused by heat evil
Yun, or because of blood outside the hot and the wind and the incidence of

Chinese medicine treatment of acute urticaria by expelling wind, heat,
dampness main:

Prescription One: Nepeta 10 grams, 10 grams of wind, Lithospermum 30 grams, 30
grams of astragalus, Sophora 20 grams, Kochia scoparia 20 grams, 20 grams of
dandelion, Shuijianbi.

Second prescription: ephedra 10 grams, 10 grams of cicada, Forsythia 10 grams,
10 grams of duckweed, Dan 10 grams, 10 grams of walnuts, 20 grams of white
moss skin, Shuijianbi.

more than two parties can choose one orally.

chronic urticaria, repeated outbreaks can lead to blood deficiency, blood
deficiency, the wind, creating a vicious circle, medicine stereotypes that
“the first rule governing the wind of blood, the blood from off MORALS”
Therefore, treatment should be added with nourishing yin in Chinese medicine.
prescription: habitat 20 grams, 20 grams of Radix, Angelica 12 grams, white
peony root 12 grams, 10 grams of wind, Dan 10 grams, jade Bamboo 10 grams, 10
grams of Nepeta, jujube 30 grams, 30 grams of ginseng leaves, Shuijianbi.

urticaria, the primary use of oral administration of Chinese medicine
treatment methods, such as pork skin itching children, can also be purple back
duckweed, cocklebur grass, Nepeta, basil leaves, one hundred other herbs
optional 1 to 2 species, each 120 grams of decoction and Washing

modern medicine the incidence of this disease, the main If the body a number
of stimuli in vivo reactivity to strengthen, reflecting the children for the
pork skin permeability of mucosal expansion and growth of small blood vessels,
which limits edema and the emergence of a response. When the body is in a
sensitive state, a number of factors can induce urticaria the incidence of
measles, such as eating fish, shrimp, crab and other animal products; contact
with pollen, sumac and other plants; application of penicillin, streptomycin,
sulfonamides, serum and other drugs; was cold, heat, wind, sunlight and other
stimuli, other, gastrointestinal effects disorders, metabolic stagnation and
spiritual factors can also cause this disease. in medicine that this disease
is due to exogenous cold humid palate, urge sympathy properly, stomach does
not and, filled with blood heat, blood stasis and other factors blood runs
sluggish and urticaria, clinical expression is often the first child with pork
skin, itching, and then there is red or white wind group. wind divergent
groups big and small shape, location uncertain, the wind group several minutes
to several hours, self- subsided, leaving no trace, and often repetitive or
batch issued. In severe cases, can be accompanied by systemic symptoms, plus
high fever, headache, asthma, laryngeal edema, nausea, vomiting, abdominal
pain, diarrhea, or allergic shock.

Living conditioning

(1) Massage Therapy urticaria have a certain effect, however, intractable
urticaria should tie in with the allergy medication, acupuncture, cupping and
other treatment.

(3) eat a light easily digestible foods such as vegetables and fruit, drink
tea, eat or not eat fish, shrimp, crabs and other foods.

(4) better care nurses, to avoid the cold wind.

hives (Urticaria) commonly known as the wind group, the pork skin is a common
child disease. children from a variety of factors have led pork skin
inflammatory mucosal vascular congestion with a large number of temporary
occurrence of liquid leakage. resulting in local edema damage. The occurrence
and dissipated quickly, there is itching. may have fever, abdominal pain,
diarrhea or other symptoms. can be divided into acute urticaria, chronic
urticaria, angioedema and urticaria-like papules.

diagnosis】 【

not difficult to diagnose skin lesions according to the wind group, should be
actively deduction history and physical examination to ask, try to find out
the cause, should be to identify drug eruption phase. The latter group showed
edema of the wind diffuse large red patches, the edge is unclear. papular
urticaria-like phase should be to identify and chickenpox.

】 【treatment options

find out the cause to eliminate the main causes, with infection often requires
the use of antibiotics, for the time being not to eat certain food allergy.
chronic infectious lesions are often the cause of chronic urticaria, but some
urticaria patients is difficult to determine the cause or causes can not be

1. antihistamines in the treatment of a variety of drugs important drug
urticaria patients, most patients can control symptoms, antihistamines,
although not directly in combat or histamine, can not stop the acquittal of
histamine, but histamine has for the role of wind can quickly inhibit breeding
groups occurred. antihistamines have various side effects, the best choice
with less side effects, especially in high-altitude operations workers,
drivers and other workers to be used with caution, easily a result of
accidents due to tired faint place. antihistamines can trigger a long time in
a resistance change can be another one. or in the alternative or combined
application. children than adults big resistance and therefore have a
relatively large amount.

resistance histamine, many different types of drugs, combined with the
clinical condition and can now use Aetna music (hydroxyzine) with outstanding
stability and anti-histamine effect on the artificial urticaria, cholinergic
urticaria and cold urticaria have good efficacy .
epinephrine, aminophylline to growth inhibition of mast cell histamine CAMP
acquittal, can quickly promote the great push of acute urticaria or urticaria
wheal or edema, especially aminophylline and antihistamines and epinephrine
combined or synergistic effect on patients with concurrent asthma or abdominal
pain, especially for.

6 – amino acid can be used for cold urticaria and the great hives, atropine,
or general Xin Lu benzene and chlorpromazine can be used for cholinergic

calcium can be used for acute urticaria, reserpine, Anluo blood and other
drugs in treating chronic urticaria.

steroid hormones used in the serum of severe acute urticaria, and urticaria,
pressure urticaria, and urticaria of complement activation can be less dose.
urticaria, anaphylactic shock is more complicated to be applied. was applied
every 3 to 4 each therapy once a week injection of chronic urticaria.

2. topical lotion calamine lotion or zinc oxide can achieve a temporary effect.

types of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of urticaria Measles has
markedly. acute urticaria anti-wind-heat type with Jing soup, cold-type mixed
with Ma Gui decoction. papular urticaria-like soup with Jing anti-rule, with
the outbreak of chronic urticaria, acute urticaria, acute treatment; With a
prolonged course blood circulation, spleen dampness, warm the kidney,
Differential Treatment. With a heat Chest hot soup, cold are itching side with
the Wing, spleen Weiling soup with ginseng pills spleen, kidney yang
deficiency with Pill and other rule.

etiology】 【

about 3 / 4 of the patients can not find a reason, especially chronic
urticaria. it can be a variety of endogenous or exogenous factors caused huge.
the common can be summarized as:

1. Drugs Many drugs are often caused by the disease, penicillin, furazolidone,
sulfa drugs drugs. serums, vaccines, etc. may be allergic cause, morphine,
codeine, atropine and other drugs directly to acquit tissue mast cells caused
by other.

2. the food contains a special protein in fish, shrimp, crab, egg, milk and
other common pathogenic factors.
3. transmitted bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections and
parasites. insect bite disease, such as mites, fleas, bugs, etc..

4. aspirates all kinds of pollen, dust, etc..

5. Physical and chemical factors such as cold, heat, sunlight, friction and
pressure and other physical and mechanical stimulation or certain chemical
substances into the human body and disease.

6. genetic factors such as familial cold urticaria.

7. psychological factors and changes in the secretion of stress the body,
emotional excitement, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, etc..

8. medical disease lymphoma, cancer, hyperthyroidism, rheumatism and
rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, high blood lipid disease, cholecystitis, kidney
inflammation, liver disease, diabetes.

【disease mechanism】

group of the mechanisms of wind can be divided into two types: allergic and
non allergic two.

1. hypersensitivity type Ⅰ and principal if the first is antigen and antibody
IgE on mast cells and basophils role of white blood cells, shedding of
particles to make them pregnant a series of chemical media (histamine and
histamine-like substances including chronic reactive substance, 5 –
hydroxytryptamine, bradykinin and kinin class, prostate , heparin, etc.)
released. which led to telangiectasia, increased permeability, involuntary
muscle spasms, glands secrete growth. nurture children occurred pork skin,
mucous membranes, gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms.

Some vested Type Ⅱ is antigen-antibody complexes activate complement, the
formation of anaphylatoxin, the C3 and C5 and the release of chemokines
attract neutrophils acquitted lysosomal enzymes, stimulation of mast cells and
histamine histamine acquittal substances and disease, such as furazolidone or
heterologous serum protein infusion reactions caused by urticaria.

2. non-allergic type by some biological, chemical and physical factors can act
directly on mast cells and basophilic leukocytes, to acquit and the incidence
of particles, the end of pork skin Discovery cholinergic children happy
disposition to strengthen a large number of acetylcholine acquit act directly
on the capillaries, so that the permeability of capillary expansion and to
strengthen the disease. may also act on mast cells, to acquit and the
incidence of histamine and other media.

kinin and bradykinin also increased permeability of capillaries and its
expansion, and cold urticaria, pork skin children draw marks such as disease
and the pathogenesis of pressure urticaria. 5 – hydroxytryptamine,
prostaglandin E, with the occurrence of urticaria, the reactants can lead to
chronic asthma, but is not concerned with the proof of urticaria.

Clinical reflect】 【

fast hives (wind group), in a few minutes before the onset of urticaria, local
constant itching or tingling. Some patients appear in a few hours or a couple
of hives Some days, systemic symptoms such as poor eating requirements,
general malaise, headache or fever.

urticaria flat or pale yellow or pale red edematous plaques, while the edges
are flush. Sometimes, urticaria was urticaria can be said annular ring, ring
damage to several adjacent phase or a combination map-like, can be described
as graphic urticaria. Sometimes, damage to the central point of a deposition,
could be called hemorrhagic urticaria, kidney and Gastrointestinal bleeding
can. urticaria is called when the blisters have blisters urticaria. has
referred to as bullae bullous urticaria. Sometimes, blisters or bullae occur
in children seems to be fine the pork skin, but often blush, these hives more
likely to occur in children.

urticaria often in a couple of hours or a few hours up to 1 to 2 days natural
disappeared, but new damage often start to appear elsewhere, urticaria has
been disappear in general not occur within 24 hours of new damages. hives
disappear, pork skin children recover all right, sometimes referred to as a
temporary pigment pigmentation spots and cool urticaria. urticaria big and
small and the number of variable, can be seen in children no matter what parts
of the pork skin, mucous membranes. urticaria caused itching, acupuncture or a
burning sensation, but the difference between each level, the patients had
severe headaches, fever and other systemic symptoms, particularly in patients
with acute urticaria can heat up to about 40 ℃ , blood pressure can reduce
the occurrence of syncope and shock or even be in time, most patients only the
itching of urticaria without other symptoms.

uncertain course of urticaria, and some patients may occur within one day rash
several times, after a few days or a week or two to several weeks to stop the
outbreak, may be called acute urticaria. but many patients every day, skin
rash, or see the stack off the ground or aggravate, relieve or disappeared, up
to several months or more years old, may be called a special type of chronic
urticaria, and urticaria.

1. Acute urticaria is often acute outbreak of itchy body rash wind group, may
be associated with high fever, severe drop in blood pressure or even shock,
the natural course of disease 1 to 2 weeks active treatment should be good.

2. wheal chronic urticaria lesions occur constantly, for 1 to 3 months or
several years, the severity and the incidence may vary, there are very
different. sometimes complicated by artificial urticaria, and more so by the
squeeze in the belt took place. due to exposure to cold or cool breeze blowing
in the wind caused by group called cold urticaria. mostly small pieces of the
wind paroxysmal group, there are flush, can be generalized body, such patients
are sensitive to acetylcholine, acetyl methyl choline 0.01mg used for skin
test. injection after 10 minutes, 1 ~ 1.5cm in diameter big and small wind
group, is positive, the course up to several months to a few years.

3. angioedema urticaria, also known as great. is due to blood and tissue
inhibitor of C1 esterase degree of reduced or no activity due. is the deep
dermis and subcutaneous tissue of small vessel involvement, histamine and
other media causes vasodilation, increased permeability, exudate from the
blood into the loose tissue in the formation of the limitations of edema, with
explosive , repeatability and non-nick of unique, generally do not itch, can
be single, suddenly in the lips, face or limb side appears fine local swelling
of the pork skin color or because the child severe swelling, superficial
capillary pressure pork skin children white swelling of blood vessels and
damage to edge clear, locally tension, general itching is not obvious, such
damage can be dissipated in a few days of natural, but it can attack again,
students, some patients may also damage occurred more than two general no
systemic symptoms. a few patients, because in the pharyngeal isthmus and cause
choking. if not addressed can lead to death.

4. papular urticaria is a common childhood like pork skin disease children,
adults can also be seen , repeated in the age of the season, the disease is a
unique symptom of the disease named, in fact, in some patients the disease is
the insect bite disease. especially caused by the bite of arthropod class
extrinsic allergic reactions, is a late 10 days of onset of reaction around
the bite will no longer be pushed to promote skin rash occurred, repeat
breeding occurred after the bite of desensitization.
spindle-shaped red rash like peanuts for the big and small particle groups
like the wind damage can be Phi hair can be a cluster, may have pseudo-foot,
blisters, skin rash after scratching groups like the wind was swelling, rash
often simultaneously old and new, 1 to 2 weeks subsided, leaving a temporary
pigment calm. often another attack, itching, the dramatic, but no systemic
symptoms, local lymph nodes.

urticaria is accompanied by a temporary itching, edema, allergic children pork
skin disease. Chinese medicine called implicit rash, commonly known as hives,
wind groups, wind it!

plain near a lot of cure of the disease among the trick

1: cupping therapy

prescription: Vaseline, alcohol, the amount, cupping a

useful: first a thin layer of Vaseline on the navel, and then a few drops of
alcohol, and cupping, the cotton ignited, Huo can buckle when the lateral eyes
in the umbilical 5-10-minute cupping, Japan Stubbs 3.

effect: cupping one day, the effective rate 96.1%

2: wine therapy

Recipe: Mint, Sophora each 30 grams, Camphor 10 grams, 600 ml shochu.

useful: within 7 days after drug Baptist wine, liquor filter to the residue,
add flour and mix of camphor, rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in medicine
affected area. 3 times a day

00%. cure rate of 92%.

3: Chinese medicine therapy

name of the drug : Yunnan White Drug

Directions: For adults each time for 1 / 8 vial, 1st child an additional
service the insurance, at 3 times. child amount reduce it, against the
insurance sub.

effect: 1-4 days of medication, efficiency 90.62%
4: Fumigation therapy

prescription: 1,000 grams of whole plant red radish

use: add water 6000 ml, concentrated Jianqu liquid, Washing upper body,
sweating for the degree, washed to avoid the wind. at wash 1

efficacy: Fumigation 3-6 times, efficient 100 %, the cure rate 86%

hope you will soon lift the suffering.

to see the old traditional Chinese medicine, there will be a good formula,
medicine does not work, eating a more serious, as I have too, after eating
Chinese Jue good, but not too fast, Chinese medicine is very slow.

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