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					Endocrine disorders acne

Body secretion disorders acne, body acne how secretion disorders is good?

body secretion disorders acne

For women, the body is not only secretion disorders will present a variety of
human body discomfort, will inspire a lot of diseases. For example many people
have experienced long “acne” is not just skin problems, Chinese medicine as
“the drug” causes, that is, the body secretion disorders “ramming the

So, how conditioning secretion disorders caused by body acne it?

woman to land due to physical function, body secretion stress disorder, and
will therefore stimulate acne . At present, the industry made in this area
suffer from the most prominent product is the original nest Shu amines, amine
Shu by the original nest, nest repair maintenance of ovarian function, restore
hematopoietic function, ovarian young state, the physiological function of
natural young state, thus achieving adjustment disorder caused by the
secretion of the reasons the body the effects of acne.

acne as usual precautions:

1. eat more fruits and vegetables. In particular, it helps reduce sebum
secretion and the promotion of acne heal eat more fruits and vegetables, such
as: apples, pears, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, loofah, melon, bitter gourd,
etc., but note that as litchi, orange, durian fruit sugar should eat less high.

2. often face. oily skin, facial skin oil clean-up is very important and
should be washed every day and more frequently with hot face, you can use
sulfur soap, boric acid soap soap restrain the secretion of sebum, the skin in
the nose should focus on cleaning .

3 .. stop the mechanical squeeze acne. Just plug fat acne acne exclusion is
conducive to bridge, but still do not advocate hand and mechanical compression
devices, because the squeeze is likely to result after the fat bolt to squeeze
into the dermal layer of the deep causes further inflammation, pigmentation,
and also easy to leave a mark, especially for the health of friends scar
should pay attention to this point. If in fact, tied to exclude fat, I suggest
the more obvious of acne with comedones held a special device squeeze squeeze
acne, taking care to disinfect stop infections, but may go to the hospital to
take care nurses held.

4. cultivate the habit of daily exercise, moderate exercise can promote
metabolism, body and skin for have outstanding results, but do not heat for 5
minutes, to persevere, and remember, even 3 minutes every day gymnastics, but
also to keep the secret of beautiful skin.

one, starting from daily life:

1, no oily cosmetics such as sunscreen with high oil and other.

2, such as the mouth minister has acne, stop the use of fluoride toothpaste.

3 , acne development of an option not to eat seafood, mango, and supplements.

4, stop the application of soap cleansing product ingredients to avoid damage
to the acidity of the skin cover film, skin fall immunity, has resulted in
bacteria infection, allergic acne.

Second, as usual Note:

1, early early, patterns of life, assure full deep sleep. to keep the affected
area clean. there is no abuse of cosmetics and drugs.

2, do not eat spicy spicy food. eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. more
drinking water.

3, build confidence, not interlinked, not bitter dead end, a good mood .

Third, pay attention as usual clean:

1, adhere to the application of special skin acne face soap or cleansing agent.
does not contain soap and Firewater materials, does not irritate the acne

2, not over-clean the skin.

3, remover, cleansing must be held separately.

4, use the special sponge auxiliary wash to suffer from oily skin refreshing
four drug treatment:

regulate the body on the market many drugs are secreted disorders can help
ease the symptoms of acne, For example, all gold propolis soft capsules,
evening primrose oil soft capsule November Square, are offset against the body