7 Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Double Baby Jogging Stroller

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					?Doubly Blessed? Choosing a double baby jogging stroller is one of the most
important decisions you'll make, both for your children's comfort and your own. With
a variety of options to choose from, here are some key features you should look for
when choosing the double baby stroller that will best fit you.

Durable yet lightweight

Lightweight steel components offer strength and durability without breaking the bank
or your back. The weight of a double baby jogging stroller combined with the weight
of two children can make for quite a workout. Make sure that the overall weight is
something you are comfortable lifting and pushing.


Nothing is worse than a stroller that takes up your entire car storage area. Look for
strollers that are compact and fold easily to maximize space. Before throwing away
the box and the receipt, check the fit of the stroller in each of your vehicles to ensure
you won't be fighting to load it each time you go out.


The width of side-by-side double strollers can cause difficulties in stores and crowds.
Check to see that the width of the stroller still fits through a standard 36" doorframe
easily and that it can turn quickly around corners and in tight spots.

Easy Ride

Today's strollers offer savvy riding mechanisms. With all-wheel suspension, swivel
front wheels and rear wheel breaks as options, make sure that you know what you are
looking for, the typical terrain you will use your stroller on, and the kind of ride you

Multi-position seating

Whether you have two babies, or a baby and toddler along for the ride, being able to
adjust your seats into a variety of positions will allow for your child to ride
comfortably and even settle into sleep.

One hand fold

Trying to pack your children in the car and deal with breaking down a stroller can be
stressful. Look for strollers with one-handed folding mechanisms that allow you to
quickly fold down and lift into the car.
Tray Options

While your child's tray is an important feature to look for, it is just as important to get
a stroller that has the parents in mind. Make sure there are storage areas for keys and
cell phones as well as a cup holder for you.

A parent with two infants has very different needs than a parent with an infant and
toddler. Know your particular wants and needs before you buy a double baby jogging
stroller. Do your research, then take your pick and ride on!

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