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Chronic hives can be cured-_7240


									Chronic hives can be cured?

Can cure you of chronic hives?

can try below: wind 10g, Nepeta 10g, Radix 10g, angelica 10g, guns Shan Jia
10g, soap thorn 20g, red peony root 20g , Kochia scoparia 20g, safflower 6g,
shed snake skin under 6g, ebony 6g, Asarum 6g, Beiqi 15g, fresh white skin 25g,
licorice 5g Shuijianbi day one.

urticaria. Modern medicine is called urticaria. while the Chinese called
“Chibai Tour Wind”, “rubella”, “bei Lei” looming because of rash, also
known as “urticaria”;

the disease is a kind of bright red or pale skin color characteristics of the
wind group, led to skin diseases. because of its small then, as hemp, such as
beans, for big chunks into pieces, each of which was blown hair, hence the
name, also known as “Rubella block “.

about this disease, early,” Su asked. pm thorn from the inverse of “account
already exists, said:” more than Shaoyin, disease skin rash Bi hidden.
“ancient literature in the future more than a record, such as “Golden
Chamber. stroke Calendar Day” article said: “The evil in the classics, the
body itch and urticaria.” ancients has long been seen familiar with this

its etiology pathogenesis pathogenic wind caused by the total, such as “to
treat patients on”, said: “virtual human skin, the fold for the Feng Xie,
then hidden from the rash. “However, wind is riddled with long, often
attached to other Evils Feng Xie and pathogenicity. Clinical common cold or
the wind and thermal consistency, depression occurs in the skin of the disease,
but of different exogenous and endogenous.

1. Exogenous: cold or wind-heat evil guest at the Foreign Secretary, between
Cou and hair, such as “to treat patients on the” pointed out: “evil off the
skin, re-fold every cold phase, the wind blows scratch urticaria. “” Lady
outside the virtual yang is sweating, sweating the Wind, atmosphere and heat
stroke in the muscles and the Health Bei (bei) Lei. “Clearly points out the
cold, wind heat off in the skin, or the virtual table is not solid, Feng Xie
Cheng Xu invasion and pathogenicity.

2. The students: over eating greasy Atsumi, etc. to help the fire moving wind
Hunxing items, such as fish, shrimp, crab, etc., or due to excessive
intestinal worms, can lead to stomach does not and, wind, fire, hot and humid
endogenous depression in the skin and hair Cou. illness for a long time is
consumed by blood, resulting in anemia of Health wind, (women will not
transfer any red), pathogenic wind resistance can also occur in the skin of
the disease.

clinical manifestations: 1, acute onset, often food, Hunxing items, such as
fish, shrimp, some kind of crab and other seafood, or take certain drugs, or
are stimulated by cold, or have a history of other intestinal parasites.

2, rashes vary in size, shape is not one, bright red or pale wind groups,
clear boundary, intense itching.

three Russian natural skin pain usually occurs minutes to hours after Johnson-
speed subsided after the bulk occurs constantly, looming, made no fixed place,
not back traces of a group or groups of fat per day, about a week or so to
curb happen. chronic Hepatitis B, recurrent, for several weeks, months or even

4, sector cases may be associated with diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, Tuni
and other intestinal symptoms. spread to the throat, it can have throat
discomfort, hoarseness, and even then the result of laryngeal edema of hard
breathing or even choking. Some patients can present positive skin scratch.

five, skin rashes seen in the lips and eyelids, the pale red color, the
limitations of present ill-defined swelling declared. This rash lip weeks,
those who walk the face to face visit Wind (New MEDICAL called angioedema). If
the normal skin mechanical contact has been arrested, this site has scratch-
like swelling uplift who called artificial urticaria, skin scratch or name.

clinical card: 1, wind-heat type: wind group color red, when exposed to heat
the hair, too cold, it decreases in summer made the winter more or summer and
heavy winter light. tongue coating thin and yellow, floating pulse.

2, cold card: wind group is white, the case of cold or cold wind outside
blowing the hair, too warm and less, more in summer or winter hair winter
summer light weight, thin white tongue coating, floating and tight pulse.

three stomach damp: the course of the disease may be associated with
epigastric abdominal pain or channeling around the umbilical pain, Shenpi poor
appetite, feces child secret knot or diarrhea, or accompanied by nausea and
Tuni. greasy yellow tongue coating, slippery pulse number.
4, deficiency of both qi and blood: air recurrent group, Heat and cold outside,
autumn and winter high, red fall color papules, generalized seizures, etc.,
persistent for months or years after the onset or worsening tiredness, Shenpi
fatigue. pale and thin white fur, thin veins How thin or sink . (If the women
do not transfer any red often start a few days before menstruation rendered
the wind group, post dissipated, Cheng periodic seizures, may be associated
with menstrual pain or irregular menstruation. The quality of short thin fur,
thready and weak pulse, or thin string.

identification: 1, erythema multiforme, and more illegal side of the foot in
hand and other exposed parts, the round papules or annular rash, the central
iris was like, rash long term.

2, papular urticaria: damage to the spindle edema, papules, blisters the top
of a pinhead, rash lasts longer, the right of pigment left back calm, occur in
the lower limbs and trunk, often at the age of the quarter disease hair. the
child is more common. III. TCM clinical disease name, etc. „

therapy: Governance and external treatment since the beginning of the two.
according to the syndrome syndrome prescription drug addition and subtraction;
that is based on the patient

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