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									Archers Aim   Sylvan Archers                          Editor: Tanya Richards       March 2003

                                                                          Director of Hunting Games-
                                                                          Max Tannery 503-537-0272
                               Inside this Newsletter
                                                                          Field Governor-
                               1   Board Members                          Mark Huser 503-703-1248
                                   Monthly Meetings
                               2   Work Party Dates                       Director of Field Tournaments-
                                   Club Shoot Dates                       Chuck Rhodig 503-656-4406
                                   Letter from President Dick             Director of Target Tournaments-
                                   Maxson                                 Keith Kemmerer 503-658-0307
                               3   Letters Con’t)
                                   Letter from President Dick             Secretary/Treasurer-
                                   Maxson (con’t)                         Linda Maxson 503-659-4776
                                   News from the Range Director           Asst. Secretary/Treasurer-
                                   Letter from the 1st Vice               Susan Page 503-554-5951
                               4   Letters(Con’t)                         Registration-
                                   Letter from Joel Griffin               Keith Miller 503-246-8959
                                   (OBH game committee report)            Publicity/Newsletter-
                                   Black Forest Archery (Cliff Hoff)      Tanya Richards 503-474-0902
                               5   Black Forest Archery         
                                   (Cliff Hoff) (Con’t)
                                   Team Sylvan Information (Max           Web Administrator-
                                   Tannery)                               Mike McManus
                                   Team Sylvan Survey           
                               6   Spotlight Archer Mark Huser
                               7   Recipe (Goose in Orange                Monthly Meetings
                                   Sauce)                                 Monthly Board and membership
                                   Archery Classifieds
                                                                          meetings are held on the first
                                   Other Local Shoots
                               8   Other Local Shoots (Con’t)             Thursday of each month. If a
                                   IBO Northwest Triple Crown             monthly meeting date is different
                                   State Indoor Championship              than the first of the month it will be
                                   State Indoor Championship              Shown in bold and italics. Meetings
                                   Results                                start at 7:00pm unless shown
                               9   State Indoor Championship              otherwise.
                                   Results ( Con’t)
                                                                          April 3rd, 2003 Denny’s
                                                                          May 1st, 2003 Denny’s
                               Board Members 2003                         June 5th, 2003 Sylvan Range
                               President-                                 July 3rd 2003 Sylvan Range
                               Dick Maxson 503-659-4776                   August 7th 2003 Sylvan Range

                               1st Vice President (Targets)-              Work Party Dates
                               Gary Page 503-554-5951                     May 3rd 2003- 8:30am
                               2nd Vice President (Indoor Activities)-    June 14th 2003- 8:30am
                               Joel Griffin 503-625-3843                  July 12th 2003- 8:30am
                                                                          *Please note all or parts of the range
                               3rd Vice President (Outdoor Range)-
                               Jerry Phillips 503-625-7743
                                                                          may be closed for range
                                                                          improvements while work party is
                               Assistant Range Director-                  in progress. your help is
                               Steven Passwater 503-554-5951              appreciated.

                               Hunt Director-
                               Ken Warner 503-266-3410

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Archers Aim      Sylvan Archers                        Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

Club Shoot Dates for 2003          article, I went from memory, and        great piece of work my fellow
                                   it doesn’t work to well any more.       Sylvans, thanks Gary and Steve.
May. 10
Pre-Mother's Day 3-D (Sat. only)   A special thanks to Linda               I’d like to ask for your support
                                   Maxson for having donuts and            throughout the year in attending
June 21 - 22                       coffee in the morning and chili         our club shoots, and a special
Summer 3-D Fling                   and hot dogs at lunch time. It          request that you try hard to
                                   sure hit the spot and we all say        attend either the State 3-D shoot
July 19 - 20
                                   thanks Linda. Now the biggest of        that will be held at the Sylvan
and                                thank yous to Tanya Richards            range or the Nottingham shoot
Oregon Bow Hunters State 3-D       and Terri Elverude They                 that is held at the Sherwood
Triple Crown                       scrubbed and scoured and                Elks. Both shoots will be on July
                                   worked a miracle in our cook            19-20th Please get information
Aug. 2-3                           shack.. That place is fantastically     through the clubs officers or
Mike Plumb Memorial 3-D            clean. We can’t say enough to           watch for the flyers at the range
                                   you ladies for your good work           and in this newsletter about these
Letter From The                    and effort.. Be sure to send an         two shoots. Our Sylvan club was
President                          article in to Tanya for the             well represented at the OBH
                                   newsletter each month, she really       meeting at Seven Feathers and
I hope by the time you read this   needs them so she can continue          we received a standing ovation
newsletter, you will have been     the best information letter in the      for our willingness to take on the
out to the range and seen the      State. No, I really mean that           State Shoot. Let’s show them
changes in it’s appearance. Our    Tanya! We all do.                       that we have the biggest
third vice president, Jerry                                                membership in Oregon, and we
Phillips had a work party on       Ken Warner, our hunt director,          can and will support our club by
Saturday March 8 and the           wants me to convey to all the           filling the shooting line at the
weather was much better than we    members that he has some newer          Nottingham, and overwhelming
expected. We’ve got a lot to do    and more shootable 3-D animals          the State by a tremendous
in the coming weeks, but the       out on the daily coarse, (canyon).      turnout at the State shoot. It
range will look great soon.        He gave several shots a new             could be one of the best
Between Jerry and myself, we       look, so check them out. Ken            weekends you’ve had in years. It
will post things that need to be   took Keola, Max and myself out          also needs to be noted that some
done at the range. So you can      to pull the shot out animals ( a        archers from our club and around
help when you can. The             hind quarter ) and set new ones.        the state will be going to the
following people were at the       We will be putting up better trail      opening ceremonies at the
work party, and I want to say      markers soon, and improving             Nationals in Darrington
thanks for your hard work :        river crossings. Next, though you       Washington on the 20th of July.
Linda Maxson, Jerry Phillips,      might not get a chance to see it,       We will miss you at our shoots,
Gary Page, Al Hanchar, Joel        Gary Page and Steven Passwater          but offer heart felt support.
Griffin, Les Ingram, Don           took that little room where we          Shoot well and have fun, good
Mendez, Aurora Mendez, Keola       have all our paper targets and not      luck all.
Camacho, Ken Warner, Max           only cleaned it to the max, but
Tannery, Bill King, Jim            they have a count on all the            I will repeat again for those
Schwartz, Chuck Rhodig. If I       targets and have all the targets        asking about the survey sheets
missed anyone, check Jerry’s       stacked and labeled according to        (which are open for anyone to
                                   what size and lane they go on. A        see and read.) Most of our

Page # 2
Archers Aim     Sylvan Archers                         Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

returns indicated keeping the
range clean and shootable, trails   We had a great work party,             Several new members have
well marked, paper targets up on    Saturday March 8th. We built           asked to do odd jobs when they
all coarses, good 3-D animals on    one new backstop, rebuilt the          are at the range, which I have not
well marked trails in the canyon    steps at the tractor shed and the      got this done yet but will do so
and improvements on the cook        steps by the bathrooms. We also        soon. Thanks again for not only
shack and covered area. Also a      put new animals on the 3D              the help at the work party, but
covered shooting line on the        course plus a lot of general clean     those that clean up around the
practice field. Something else      up. These work parties sure            cook shack, clean the bathrooms
was conveyed to me while at the     make my job a lot easier and I         and all the things that make the
work party, that was we should      want to thank everyone that            range a better place to play. I am
have something in place to help     helped. J.D. Pigg, Dick Maxson,        very happy to be a part of all the
new members with                    Linda Maxson, Gary Page, Bill          positive things happening this
understanding all the targets we    King, Jim Schwarts, Joel Griffin,      year at the range and with the
shoot, such as field, hunter,       Max Tannery, Ken Warner,               club. Its your club and range
animal, 3-D animal. Where the       Chuck Rhodig, Don Mendez,              and you're doing a great job.
trails start and end, and in        Keola Camacho, Al Hanschar,            The next work party is May 3rd,
general an orientation on how       Les Ingram and last but not least      2003.
our club functions. Ok, I’ll work   Don Mendez's little girl, in
on this. One thing we could start   which she stayed right with us         Jerry Phillips
doing is say hi to any member       and helped all day. She is about       503-625-7743
out at the range that you don’t     two or three years old and she
know. If they are new and want      just kept on going along with us.      Letter From The 1st Vice
or need help, help them or take                                            President
them around the range with you.     The A15 - A27 field course was
If you have not renewed your        closed down last year, however         We did the inventory in the
membership, as of March first       this was a very popular course.        Target Shed and, with all the
you became delinquent. Please       Plus it needs to be in place to        targets and the paper targets that
renew as soon as possible. The      keep our Five Star Rating with         have not been made up yet, we
new gate combination will be on     N.F.A.A. I hope to have it             had 4,096 targets. We have
your card. Contact Susan Page .     completed by this time next            placed new targets on B1 thru
Check your newsletter for the       month.                                 B14 and B2 thru B28. We have
number or our web site                                                     targets on A1 thru 14. Every and get       Also the 3-D Range needs to be         time we change targets we will
back in soon cause we need you.     marked so new members can              be changing the arrangements of
                                    find there way through it. Some        the targets to give a different
Dick                                of the targets will be moved,          shooting perspective. Animal
                                    please leave them in their spots,      targets will be changed around
News from Range                     mainly due to safety. There will       with the 3-D targets, etc.
Director                            be new Exit signs put up for the
                                    3-D range, which will be the exit      Under no circumstances are
Things are going well at the        that was used when the 3-D was         broad heads to be used on the
range. We are getting most of       set. The exit used last year was       range unless it is for Broad Head
the junk and garbage cleaned up     very unsafe. I also hope to have       League in the Broad Head pits
that just seems to always be        this complete by this time next        only. Your membership will be
there in the spring.                month.

Page # 3
Archers Aim     Sylvan Archers                         Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

forfeited if you use broad heads    required to either get the animal      Vern’s Archery and inquired
at any other time.                  out whole, or leave part of the        about the new range. He told me
                                    animals reproductive tract             about it and graciously invited a
There was a good turnout for the    attached to part of the animal.        group of us from Sylvan Archers
work party on March 8th and the                 Pictures of your           to check it out. Ken Warner, his
help was very much appreciated.     tophy are a treasured item take        son-in-law, Bill, Gary Page and
We had a fine meal provided for     many, but after you take them          his step son Steve Passwater and
us by Dick and Linda Maxson.        properly tag your animal. Punch        I went down on Saturday, March
Thank you all for coming!           out the day and month then             1st and could not have picked a
                                    attach the tag to your trophy the      better day to go. After a brief
Have a good time shooting!          OSP have found many hunters            stop at the archery shop in
                                    who put their tags on the animal       Silverton, we were given
Gary Page                           without punching the dates.            directions to the range.
                                    Please don't be one of the
OBH Game Committee                  DOUBLE DIPPERS!                        After we parked our vehicles and
Report                                          The measure to move        were getting our gear ready to
                                    the the draw let-off from 65 to        shoot, The property owner,
The Oregon Bowhunters               75% went down in flames. There         Bruce Meland pulled up in an
convened in Canyonville Oregon      were no votes in favor of this         ancient (as in Willies vintage)
March 1 & 2. On Sunday March        measure. Thanks in part to the         jeep and introduced himself. He
2nd we had the game committe        mass majority of Sylvan                showed us where the practice
meeting. Officer Gifford from       Archers.                               range was and where the course
Roseburg was first to speak. The                 And finally there         started. After a few warm up
first topic that came up was        was an amendment to turn the           arrows, we headed down the
broadheads. There will be no        Hart Mountain Buck deer hunt           trail. Upon arriving at the first
tolerance on expandable             into a trophy hunt. Drawing this       target, we introduced ourselves
broadheads! They are legal for      tag allowed a hunter to continue       to Vern. We then proceeded
turkey and small game but do        hunting after this preseason hunt      around the course.
not have them in your quiver or     through the regular season.If
on you during any big game hunt     accepted by the ODFW this will         This was really a great course.
you will be cited. See page11 of    be your only buck opportunity,         The shooting stakes were on the
the Oregon Big game synopsis        limiited to hopefully 13 days and      long side and I found that this
2003.                               you can only have two (2)              was great for honing up on my
            Measure 28 cost the     individuals with you while             range estimating skills. We all
Oregon State Police several         hunting to lessen the pressure on      agreed that this was an enjoyable
game wardens they are asking        the mountain.                          shoot, and that we would be back
for more help from the public                                              more than once this spring and
because poachers that sell the                                             summer.
antlers from big game are of        Sincerley Joel Griffin
major concern.                      Black Forest Archery                   Vern told us that they are
             On page12 of the                                              charging $10 for a days shooting
                                    By CLIFF HOFF                          and that they were offering an
Oregon big Game Synopsis you
will find material about                                                   annual pass for $35 and then you
                                    Vern’s Archery in Silverton has        would pay $5 per day. They are
disguising the sex, waste, and
                                    opened a new 3-D shooting              also going to have three 3-D
sale of a big game animal. In our
                                    range near Silverton. I called         tournaments this year. They are:
upcoming season you are
                                    Vern Dahlberg, the owner of

Page # 4
Archers Aim      Sylvan Archers                          Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

April 5/6, May 10/11 and June        Please either send it by mail, call     Your Comment:
7/8. You can contact Vern about      me, or bring in to our next             __________________________
this new and fun course at (503)     qualifier April the 1st at the          __________________________
873-4265.                            range, from 4PM to 6:30PM               __________________________
                                     (Tuesday).                              _____
The range is quite easy to find.
From downtown Silverton,             Team Sylvan Survey Sheet                If the club can not shoulder all
proceed south toward                                                         the costs, as requested; what part
Stayton/Sublimity for only ½         March 1st, 2003                         should they support?
mile from the downtown                                                       1.Cost of uniforms,
Silverton area. At the top of the    Do you like the name “Team              Yes___No___
hill, turn left on Eureka Street     Sylvan”? Yes______                      2. Shooter fees, Yes___No___
and proceed for 3.8 miles. The       No_______                               3. Donate matching funds as
range is on the left. Look for the                                           raised by the Team & Qualifiers.
little log shack (some kind of       If not what is a name you do            Yes___No___.
Dutch building). You can call or     like:_______________________
stop at Vern’s shop before you       _                                       Your Comment:
head out there. His shop is                                                  __________________________
located on the same street that      Do you like the qualifier shoots        __________________________
heads south out of town.             on the 1st of each month?               ___
                                     Yes__,No___                             __________________________
This is one course you will want                                             __________________________
to check out this spring or          Do you think the team should            ____
summer. We visited with Vern         have uniforms of some type?
and a couple of the other guys       Yes______ No_____.                      Would you be willing to pay a
who are running Black Hills, and                                             shoot fee for Qualifier shoots?
they are a friendly bunch of         Same hats Yes_____No_____.              Yes___No____
guys. See you out there.                                                     If so, How much
                                     Shirts Yes____No_____.                  $3.00____,$4.00____,$5.00____
                                                                             , Your comment
Team Sylvan                                                                  amount:$_______.
                                     Qualifier pins Yes___No___.
It was a good March 1st "Hot
Shot" qualifier. We had about a                                              What other input & ideas do you
                                     Should we send top qualifiers to
dozen of Sylvan's come up to the                                             have that could forward this
                                     other club shoots?
range. This months qualifiers                                                event.
were: Frank Anderson-                                                        Your Comment:
Traditional class and Dave                                                   __________________________
                                     If so, how many shooters in each
Tilford-Hunter class. We got                                                 __________________________
                                     class? 1___,2___,3____.
some valuable input and I've                                                 __________________________
been request by your board of
                                     Should Sylvan’s pay the shoot           __________________________
directors, to include a copy of
                                     fees for those top shooters?
our survey sheet for all to fill
out; (those of you interested) so
                                     If so, for 1st place only?
structure this event as per the
member's desires. So if you
could take a minute and do that I
would love to hear from you.

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Archers Aim     Sylvan Archers                          Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

Spotlight Archer                    Matthews, PSE compound,                 100 Girl scouts between the Girl
                                    Black tail recurves, Wes Wallace        Scout 100th year jamboree in
Mark Huser                          bows, and favorite is custom            Clackamas Oregon and up at the
                                    recurve bow by Stotler archery.         range. (I would like to thank Al
How did you get started in          Shoot Easton arrows and                 Hanschar for his assistance)
archery?                            Thunderhead broadhead's
When I was 10 years old my                                                  Is there anything else about
parents, Bob and Morna Huser        What are your plans for                 yourself that you would like to
took the family to a place called   Archery in the future?                  share?
Archery Land on the SE side of      To make sylvan a better and             In 2002 was working w/ dept of
Portland. That is when I started    stronger club by trying to get          fish and wildlife was working
shooting and have been shooting     more people involved in                 with B.O.W. program (becoming
ever since.                         meetings, shoots and club get           an outdoor woman) It has been a
                                    together.                               busy 2002 and was a fun year
How long have you been                                                      looking forward to a busy 2003.
shooting?                           What archery Goals do you               I would personally like to thank
For 41 years.                       have for yourself?                      the club for their years of
                                    My goal is to fill all hunting tags     support and the Sylvan Archers
Shooting styles?                    in 1 season including Turkey,           are a real all American family
Bear bow recurve, bear              deer, elk, bear and cougar              club and special thanks to my
compound fingers and                                                        wife Betty and my daughter
compound sights and release.        What archery goals have you             Carol for their support.
What do you do for work or          By promoting Sylvan archery
what have you done for work?        club by becoming life member of         Mark,
Journey man checker for             NFAA and OBH and OHA.                   Thank you for everything that
Thriftway. Managed Fred Meyer                                               you do for Sylvan Archers and
home and garden dept for 15         How long have you been a                for archery as a whole.
years in Portland and Cornelius,    member?
garden center manager for           Since the age of 12.
Supply One for 5 ½ years. Home
Depot, Lilly Miller brands and      What have done to help other
now L an I transportation as a      archers?
professional driver.                Helping to keep range safe by
                                    following NFAA rules and
Best hunting or shooting            regulations, as the range
memory?                             governor by promoting and
Hunting w/ father Bob and miss      teaching archery by introducing
all the hunting experiences that    the Eagle Scouts and Boy Scouts
we shared together.                 so they can achieve their archery
                                    badges. I also had the Eagle
What are your Hobbies?              Scouts and Boy Scouts come
Number one is Archery followed      back to the range to help teach
by Fly fishing and traveling.       Tiger Scouts archery so that they
                                    can earn their teaching badges.
What kind of bow or bows and        We also taught archery to about
equipment do you shoot?

Page # 6
Archers Aim      Sylvan Archers                         Editor: Tanya Richards       March 2003

Goose in Orange Sauce                 Classifieds                           Other Local Shoots
                                      Fleece Jacket                         All listed shoots come from the 2003
Ingredients:                          Advantage Timber size XL              Northwest Bowhunter Shoots Card
                                      Regular $45.00 Close out $27.00
1 large Goose                         Jim 503-639-3553                      March Shoots
1 package oven cooking bags
                                      Superflage Camo                       22-23 Sherwood, OR
2 envelopes brown gravy mix
                                                                                Bob Huser Fun Shoot
4 Tbls. brown sugar                   cotton six pocket pant size XL
                                                                            22-23 Dexter, OR
2-6 oz. cans frozen orange juice      regular $40.00 Close out $24.00           Glen Parson Shoot
concentrate, pulp-free                Jim 503-639-3553                      22-23 Bend, OR
2 cups hot water                      Refinance Now !                           3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)
1/2 cup flour                         At A Lower Mortgage Rate              23 Hood River, OR
4 Tbls. orange marmalade or                                                     3-D Trail Shoot
plum jelly                                                                  23 Roseburg, OR
                                      • Lower your house payments
optional:                                                                       3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)
                                      • Save $24,174 per 1% lower         29 (TAO - Oyster Suck)
2-3 cloves garlic, finely chopped     interest rate per $100,000            29-30 Orofino, ID (Dent Bridge)
                                      • Free Financial Analysis               3-D Trail Shoot
Instructions:                         • Loan Consolidation                29-30 Yamhill, OR
                                      • Credit Challenged OK                   3/D Fun Shoot (40T &
Ensure goose is thawed and            • Loans up to 125% of House                 Novelties)
cleaned thoroughly.                   Value                                 30 Spokane, WA
                                      • New Loans & Refinancing                N.W. Triple Crown IBO 3-D
Place goose breast down in            • Lowest documented                         (40-T) (1st Leg)
oven-cooking bag, seal and bake       advertised
in a covered roasting pan for         rates for over 1 year in the          April Shoots
approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours        Oregonian                             5-6 Eagle, ID
in a 325°F oven.                                                                Spring Bear 3-D
                                      Jim Jones, Loan Officer               5-6 Silverton, OR
Pour fat and drippings from           Mortgage Backed Securities                Fun Shoot (40-T)
goose and discard.                    Loan Broker                           5-6 Pocatello, ID
                                                                                FMC Outdoor 3-D Shoot
Mix aditional ingredients                                                   5-6 Eugene, OR
                                      Member Sylvan Archers Since               3-D Trail Shoot
together, pour over goose and         1978
into cooking bag, and seal bag.                                             6 Redmond, OR
                                      Past Trustee, News Paper Editor,          3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)
                                      Field Governor, Historian             12 The Dalles, OR
Return to roasting pan and                                                       Cabin Fever Shoot (Novelty
continue cooking 2-4 more             Access Integrity Mortgage                     Shoots & Awards)
hours, or until meat is falling off                                         12 Klamath Falls, OR
of the bones or appears to be         Home       503-643-1567                    3-D Trail Shoot
tender.                               Office       503-590-7283             12-13 Spokane, WA
                                      Toll Free 1-866-590-7283
Serve sauce with sliced goose.                                                   2 Day 3-D Rendezvous (40-T)
                                                                            12-13 Silverton, OR
                                                                                 Lotto Shoot - Cash Payoff

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Archers Aim     Sylvan Archers                          Editor: Tanya Richards        March 2003

April Shoots (con’t)             Phone:406-544-2169                          Brown, Randy 2 299 45 298 44 597 89
                                 Date:April 27, 2003                         Schwartz, Chuck 2 298 46 299 42 597
12-13 Weippe, ID                                                             88
    3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)                                                   Burgess, Duane 2 298 44 299 42 597
12-13 Bend, OR                   Location:GRANDE RONDE                       86
    Redding Warm-Up (40-T        BOWMEN - LaGrande, OR                       Stancliff, Rob 3 297 44 299 44 596 88
        Marked Yardages)         Description:I.B.O. World                    Charkowicz, Brian 3 296 43 297 46
                                 Qualifier/3rd Leg Northwest                 593 89
13 Yreka, CA
                                                                             Beanland, Dave 3 293 30 300 41 593
    3-D Trail Shoot (38-T        Triple Crown                                71
unmarked)                        Contact:Norm Paullus - 541-                 Tolentino, John 3 296 39 295 34 591 73
19-20 Burns, OR                  963-2646                                    Foster, Darren 3 296 32 294 43 590 75
    3-D Trail Shoot (40-T with   Phone:or Ron Bacock - 541-962-              Farnsworth, Alan 3 293 31 289 31 582
        Running Bear)            9529 &                    62
20 Dillon, MT                                                                Blair, Tim C. 3 284 25 291 24 575 49
                                 Date:June 1, 2003                           Godsey, Scott 3
    Wayne Hale Memorial Shoot
26-27 Lebanon, OR                                                            A-M-FSL
     3-D Practice for Redding    State Indoor                                Gentry, Bob 299 45 300 53 599 98
26-27 Naches, WA                 Championship                                Sandquist, Darrell 290 27 296 30 586
     Nile 3-D Fun Shoot          This was a fun event! There were 105
26-27 Klickitat, WA              pre registered shooters and a total of
                                                                             Cunningham, Bob 289 34 296 39 585
     Klickitat Trail Shoot       122 shooters. 150 people registered for
26-27 Grangeville, ID            the banquet. There was a auction with
                                                                             Bamer, Ron 293 27 283 19 576 46
                                 good quality items and every one had a
     3-D Trail Shoot                                                         Pace, Mark 265 11 284 18 549 29
                                 good time. This was Oregon
26-27 St. Helens, OR                                                         Gerard, Alan 271 17 266 14 537 31
                                 Bowhunters 50th Anniversiary for
     3-D Fun Shoot                                                           Hendricks, John 247 20 280 15 527 35
                                 being incorporated. Sylvan Archers was
27 Roseburg, OR                                                              Hendy, John 229 5 222 9 451 14
                                 well represented. All in all there was an
     3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)                                                  A-M-BHFS
                                 awesome Turnout. This was the first
                                                                             Stone, Aaron 1 300 57 300 56 600 113
27 Prineville, OR                time the state indoor shoot and the
                                                                             Endicott, Wayne 1 300 56 300 50 600
     3-D Trail Shoot (40-T)      convention were under 1 roof. There
                                 were a lot of cubs Fita shooters this
                                                                             Curl, Gary 1 300 52 300 51 600 103
                                 year and . Also there were some
IBO Northwest Triple             phenomenal vendors!
                                                                             Larkin, Sean 1 300 45 300 53 600 98
                                                                             Tuttle, Tim 1 299 48 300 52 599 100
Crown                                                                        Jarvis, Jim 1 299 43 300 39 599 82
                                 State Indoor Results                        Morgan, Tom 1 299 49
ARCHERS - Spokane, WA            MARCH 1-2, 2003 - Seven Feathers            Ward, Howard 2 296 44 298 45 594 89
Description:I.B.O. World         Casino CANYONVILLE, OREGON                  Syfert, Dan 2 293 40 299 37 592 77
Qualifier/1st Leg Northwest      Class Name Flight # Rnd 1 X-1 Rnd 2         Miller, Steve 2 293 40 293 36 586 76
                                 X-2 TOTAL Xs                                Turner, Darryl 2 288 23 290 31 578 54
Triple Crown
                                 A-M-FS                                      Hatch, Randall 2 281 20 268 26 549 46
Contact:Roger Williamson                                                     Mattson, Jon 2 260 14 284 20 544 34
                                 Slinkard, Mike 1 300 58 300 59 600
Phone:509-928-4876 &             117 Tied state record                       Temple, Alan 2              Thurlow, Jim 1 300 57 300 58 600 115        A-M-BHFSL
Date:March 30, 2003              Johnson, Cabe 1 300 55 300 56 600           Williamson, Bruce 283 24 285 24 568
                                 111                                         48
                                 Merrill, Jim 1 300 54 300 56 600 110        Sandquist, Farrell 276 16 278 14 554
Location:FIVE VALLEYS                                                        30
                                 Christensen, Kris 1 300 55 300 53 600
ARCHERY CLUB - Lolo Hot                                                      A-M-BH
Springs, Lolo, MT                Johnson, Josh 1 300 56 300 51 600 107       Burns, Abe 295 28 290 27 585 55
Description:I.B.O. World         Hall, Jack 1 300 56 295 53 595 109          Koehler, Boyd 291 28 286 22 577 50
Qualifier/2nd Leg Northwest      Finster, Eric 2 300 50 300 48 600 98        A-M-BB
                                 Copher, David 2 300 49 300 48 600 97        Bars, Bill 247 2 257 10 504 12
Triple Crown
                                 Nealy, Tom 2 300 44 298 46 598 90
Contact:Paul Roush                                                           A-M-TRAD
                                 Steller, Joseph 2 299 46 299 41 598 87

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Archers Aim       Sylvan Archers                             Editor: Tanya Richards      March 2003

Richards, Chris 251 4 258 13 509 17    McCubbins, Jo 272 17 273 15 545 32        C-F-FSL
Test, Lee 207 4 221 3 428 7            S-F-TRAD                                  Gerard, Kyleigh 233 4 240 6 473 10
Henry, Lonny 133 3 149 1 282 4         Moore, Bobbie 155 0 159 3 314 3           New
A-F-FS                                 New                                       Kirkelie, Molly 199 3 232 8 431 11
Merrill, Glenda 300 56 300 44 600      MS-M-FS                                   M-PRO
100                                    Lueck, Gene 300 49 300 49 600 98          Crowe, Thomas 300 59 300 60 600
Lane, Debbie 300 48 299 48 599 96      New                                       119
Crowe, Francine 291 32 297 39 588      Jones, Randy 290 32 286 35 576 67         Raines, John 300 57 300 57 600 114
71                                     Lyneis, Ed 281 27 279 14 560 41           Swanson, Keith 300 52 300 50 600
Rogers, Donna 283 29 283 25 566 54     DeMartini, Tony 270 20 256 18 526         102
Farnsworth, Peggy 240 5 224 2 464 7    38                                        Class Club
A-F-FSL                                MS-M-FSL                                  Team Members Score X's
Pace, Dori 241 9 255 7 496 16          Nellermoe, Roy 278 20 267 9 545 29        A-M-FS
A-F-BHFS                               New                                       Appleknockers John Tolinteno & Steve
Archer, Beverly 270 14 277 17 547 31   Raymond, Ron 217 7 254 10 471 17          Miller 1177 149
Mattson, Cheryl 237 11 268 8 505 19    Y/A-M-FS                                  A-M-BHFS
A-F-BHFSL                              Nealy, Thomas 300 57 300 51 600           Kutch Archery Gary Curl & Tim Tuttle
Newton, Kathy 266 11 267 13 533 24     108                                       1199 203
Joachim, Heather 262 10 260 11 522     Miller, Shawn 214 6 258 12 472 18         A-M-BHFS
21                                     Morgan, Kellen 299 45                     Wapiti Archery Howard Ward & Dan
A-F-BH                                 Y/A-F-FS                                  Syfert 1186 166
Swanson, Melissa 277 14 275 12 552     Gorby, Rebecca 223 4 240 13 463 17        S-M-FS
26                                     Y-M-FS                                    Wapiti Archery Rick Robinson & Mike
A-F-TRAD                               Blasdell, Doug 267 16 253 14 520 30       Sowell 1171 160
Test, Sandra 170 2 131 1 301 3          Schillereff, Kyle 248 9 231 2 479 11     A-M-FS
S-M-FS                                 Y-M-FSL                                   Bend Bowmen Jim & Glenda Merrill
Robinson, Rick 300 55 300 50 600       Gerard, Bryce 183 4 187 1 370 5           1200 210
105                                    Y-F-FS                                    M-PRO
Okita, Karl 298 52 300 43 598 95       Miller, Jessica 236 7 260 15 496 22       Sylvan Archers Thomas & Francine
Frostad, Tony 292 37 297 36 589 73     Stancliff, Brianna 161 1 146 0 307 1      Crowe 1188 190
Sowell, Mike 286 25 285 30 571 55      Y-F-FSL                                   M-PRO
Levine, Harry 282 20 275 24 557 44     Woodie, Megan 137 1 166 0 303 1           Cascadian Bowmen Keith & Melissa
S-M-FSL                                New                                       Swanson 1152 128
Stanek, Jim 295 35 294 39 589 74       C-M-FS                                    S-M-BHFS
Bacho, John 292 25 290 29 582 54       Jarvis, Cameron 300 57 300 50 600         South Umpqua Bowmen Wayne &
Scott, Jim 276 31 287 23 563 54        107 New                                   Donna Rogers 1146 117
S-M-BHFS                               Syfert, Kyle 299 42 299 40 598 82         S-M-BHFS
Lyons, Ron 300 48 299 52 599 100-      Cramer, Kyle 280 10 270 22 550 32         Wapiti Archery Frank & Beverly
New Record                             Miller, Michael 267 2 277 13 544 15       Archer 1124 83
Mocabee, Dave 296 35 296 38 592 73     Vieira, Cody 243 8 266 10 509 18          S-M-BHFS
Newton, Rich 295 35 294 37 589 72      Gibson, Warren 225 5 246 11 471 16        Wapiti Bowmen Rich & Kathy Newton
Rogers, Wayne 286 32 294 31 580 63     Schillereff, Jeremy 227 8 197 2 424       1122 96
Archer, Frank 291 30 286 22 577 52     10                                        A-M-FSL
S-M-BHFSL                              Stancliff, Danny 187 2 186 3 373 5        Kingsley Bowmen Mark & Dori Pace
Peargin, Doug 282 15 281 16 563 31     C-M-FSL                                   1045 45
S-M-BB                                 Pace, Ethan 269 18 268 13 537 31          S-M-TRAD
Hale, John 239 8 242 11 481 19         New                                       Bend Bowmen Del & Bobbie Moore
S-M-BH                                 Boyd, Mark 213 7 204 3 417 10             801 21
Parker, Bill 267 9 274 10 541 19 New   C-M-BB                                    A-M-TRAD
Jones, Rod 243 2 249 10 492 12         Bars, Taylor 194 1 231 9 425 10           Lee & Sandra Test 729 10
Blair, Tim L. 191 4 218 1 409 5        Miller, Dustin 48 1 57 0 105 1
S-M-TRAD                               C-F-FS
Moore, Del 246 8 241 10 487 18         Whitmore, Lauren 269 15 273 15 542
Walker, Glen 204 5 206 7 410 12        30
                                       Syfert, Kyndra 254 6 271 17 525 23
S-F-BH                                 Hall, Madison 240 8 215 5 455 13

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