6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog by iupon13


Having your own blog can be an amazingly satisfying endeavour. It can bring you joy,
pleasure, respect, and credibility. Another truly wonderful aspect of blogging is that
there are great financial rewards. Many bloggers earn six-figure sums. Some even
earn seven-figure incomes from their sites.

It isn't too difficult to make your blog earn money once you have good content. All
that is required is to have a good system of making money. This guide will show you
a few of the ways that you can make money from your blog.

1. You can earn money from reviewing products and sending your visitor's to
purchase that product through your affiliated vendor. This is a great way to earn
money. However, the product you are reviewing should be in-line with the theme of
your blog or post. Most importantly, you should stand by your review and you should
have used the product yourself. Trying to make a quick buck just for the sake of it will
end up costing you more in the long run.

2. Advertising is a great way to make money from your blog. Google Adsense, Yahoo!
Publisher Network, RSS ads and even selling your own advertising are just some of
the many different form of commercial advertising you can do. However, try to be
subtle with your advertisements. Don't clutter your blog with ads in every nook and
cranny. Only use ads that are relevant to both your blog and to your users.

3. You can sell your own products that are related to your blogging content. This is a
great way of moving your product. A hungry readership that enjoys your blog will no
doubt also enjoy your similar themed product.

4. Many website companies offer commission for traffic being sent to them. For
example, some credit card companies offer bonuses if you can get people to fill out
information forms. Once more, the choice companies or products you choose should
be driven by the content of your blog.

5. Your blog can give you credibility and expert status. You can earn a lot of money
from speaking engagements and other benefits that come from having a successful

6. You can also reserve certain parts of your blog as membership only areas. That way
you earn money from subscription fees. Having something great to offer your users
comes into its own in this area.

If you put the above into practice you will have no difficulty in getting your blog to
earn you money. The better your blog's content the easier it becomes to make money.

Try and be subtle with your advertising and never try and 'sell' your users. Keep your
ads relevant and use a trial and error approach to see which ads work best. There is
advice on offer online as to which ad programmes work best for a given audience.

Do some research and you will soon start to reap the rewards of having a blog that
earns you money.

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