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6 Simple Steps To Writing A Killer CV


									?Today I'm going tell you 6 simple steps you need to write a killer CV. These steps
won't mean you can avoid actually writing the document. They will though make the
process significantly easier.

Most people after all spend days writing their CV and don't have a clue. They create a
boring looking document that doesn't attract employers in the slightest. Using these
steps though you can create a killer CV within hours. So keep reading, and look
forward to creating a fantastic CV soon.

Start by including your name and personal details at the top of the document. This
includes your email address and telephone number. Make sure the email address
doesn't include curse words. You're trying to look professional after all. Also increase
the font on your name so that it's several times bigger than the other details. This is a
bit like announcing yourself to the employer.

Next create a personal profile. This is the most important bit of your CV because
employers use this to decide if the rest is worth reading. So it needs to be killer. Give
employers an overview of what you can offer them. Sell yourself so you can benefit
their business. If you increased revenue at your last company by several times then
say so. You're up against countless other applicants so you need to look amazing.

Next bullet point a few of your skills. This makes it incredibly easy for employers to
see you're valuable. Write a line or two for each skill explaining how it can benefit
employers. Make it obvious they can't do without you.

Next outline your work experience. For each employer include a line explaining what
they do, then explain your position. List your responsibilities and achievements. In
this section you want to give employers an irresistible reason to contact you, so state
the contributions you made. By the end of this section employers should be diving for
the phone to call you.

Next state your qualifications. List the schools and colleges you attended in
chronological order starting with the most recent. If you're proud of your grades then
highlight them. Put them in bold or near the beginning of the paragraph. This makes
employers more likely to see them.

Finally include a couple of personal interests. These also ought be applicable to the
job you're seeking. If you're a computer programmer try writing that you create Flash
mini-games. If you don't have applicable interests then list something productive. One
great trick on a CV is to never sound passive. Tell employers that you're always

Good luck!
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