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Detailed steps of root canal therapy and medication_1591


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									Detailed steps of root canal therapy and medication

my mouth intern during the internship focuses on the renovation, now is not
very known each other for the mouth. So now Alice for root canal treatment of
a barrier. I hope the teacher to the advice. The more specific the better,
thank you.

total: 1 prepared two root canal disinfection of three tube red tube separated
by about filling: 1 —- removal of the root canal prepared, including pulp /
root canal contents to expand canal . 2 —- root canal canal disinfection
include drugs such as flushing seal FC / CP / Ca (OH) 2 root canal, etc. 3 in
good condition will be disinfected and painless root canal pulp cavity filled

real purpose is to prevent re-infection.

do not know your subject very briefly the dental pulp disease inside this book
says very specific answer to a hour on the Internet is forbidden correct

has started an internship Affirming also know nothing about not doing homework
to go back to see more updated sixth edition of the mouth now, after so many
teachers by telephone will be given to moving the chin after the previous
posterior maxillary teeth posterior joint practice primer stereotypes or soon

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