5linx - Scam or Next Goldmine- by iupon13


									?I'm going to pull the curtain away right from the get go here and state that 5linx is in
fact no scam at all, but instead a very legitimate company.

5linx have all the paperwork in order, they have a great range of services that a lot of
satisfied customers are buying month after month even without being in the
opportunity side of this business, they have been in business ever since 2001 and the
main fact that 5linx were on the Forbes500 list back in 2005 for their huge expansion
in their sales should remove all doubt of this company operating on the wrong side of
the law.

People have always been writing scam reports, and they probably always will be
doing it as well. Usually, people that are doing this fall into one of two main
1. The author of the scam report is currently involved with a competing company and
this is just a clever marketing strategy on their end. By writing a scam report about
5linx they will get some of the people who are researching 5linx to team up with them
in their company instead.
2. They have tried network marketing before without much success.

Let us turn our focus over to the people than and up in this last category.

You see, many people that are starting a network marketing business go into this
industry with the expectation that it is going to be a piece of cake to create a fortune
here, only to end up disappointed and bitter in the end for things not ending up as they
thought in the first place. Thus they think everything similar out there is a scam and
end up writing these reports, trying to warn others of making the same mistake, which
they are only doing with the best intentions of course.

The one secret to success in this industry, though, is that it's not the company you're
with that are responsible for you succeeding with it. The vital part here is that YOU
are the ONLY one responsible for your success, or failure, with a company like 5linx.
There's nobody else you can blame for it!

My job in this article is to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to
hear, and what I must tell you is that it's going to be very hard work to build up a
successful 5linx business. Or any other business for that matter.

In fact, it's not until you have educated yourself into being that leader that others will
seek out to work with and that you have actually learned how to market yourself as
that leader that you will actually start earning some big money in this industry,
regardless of what company you end up teaming up with.

Now this might sound like it's too much to handle right now, but I'm not just here to
rain or your parade - I'm also here to give you some good news. And those good news
is that it has never been easier to build a successful network marketing business
within a really short time period than it is right this moment in time.

The power of the Internet enables us to set up an online marketing system for our
network marketing business that will actually do most of the hard work for us;
positions us the right way in front of our prospects, sorting through these prospects for
us so that we only spend our time with the best ones, doing all telling, selling and
explaining for us so that we don't have to, and the list goes on and on.

When you are able to locate a marketing system just like that you can experience
great success in this industry virtually overnight and you will also avoid ending up as
another victim of the 2nd category.

Avoid ending up as a frustrated person writing 5linx scam reports! Go now and see
the 5linx Marketing System you can use to propel your 5linx business to the next

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