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									Cough is caused by a cold?

□ correspondent floor Jianli

reporter Miao Jun Huang

Morning News the weather will begin to heat, air conditioning at night, do not
pay attention to stimulating a respiratory disease, with the common cold each
from each cough. But that is not say that only the common cold will cause
coughing, in recent days, Provincial Palit encountered several cases of the
hospital on the odd rare strange causes coughing.

foreign body stimulate cough

41-year-old Bo, Shandong Province, Hangzhou, kitchen and bathroom to do
trading, do suffer from bad trading. But the last month been suffering from
cough and get agitated, with the many ways, are not improved.

Bo initially considered to be cold, ate standing in the cold family medicine
and cough syrup. more than a dozen world to not have any better, went to a
nearby hospital for a chest X-ray , indicating all right. ate some anti-
inflammatory drugs, but little or no disease transfer.

Yesterday, Bo to the hospital to find Palit Respiratory Xu Xianrong Officer.
Xuzhu Ren Bo proposed to be a bronchoscopy and found that Bo sideways one side
of the trachea 1 cm square small ribs head. Xuzhu Ren remove foreign body, Bo

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