The Role of the Club Treasurer

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					       The Duties of a Club Treasurer               Treasurer’s Responsibilities include:                     Presenting examined accounts at the
Many Treasurers will not be required to                                                                        AGM and ensuring that members have a
                                                    General Financial Responsibilities
undertake this wide a range of duties, as it
depends on the size and complexity of the Club.                                                                basic understanding of annual accounts
Most of the responsibilities listed here will be          Ensuring    that   funds   are   used   in
carried out by someone in the Club and it will             accordance with the constitution and         Banking, Book-keeping, Record-keeping
be the Treasurer’s responsibility to see that all
                                                           committee decisions
that should be done, is being done.                                                                           Advising on which bank and what type
                                                          Advising on financial policy, e.g.
Management of the money of a Club can                                                                          of account to use
                                                           charging     for    services,    financial
broadly be divided into two overlapping                                                                       Serving as a signatory for bank accounts
categories : financial responsibility and                  implications of new activities, etc.
financial accountability.                                                                                     Ensuring that there are proper systems
                                                          Liaising with the bank
                                                                                                               in place for receiving and paying out
Financial Responsibility                                  Preparing accounts for examining and
                                                                                                               cash and cheques
Put simply, this means not taking on obligations           discussing them with the examiner
                                                                                                              Setting up appropriate book-keeping and
the Club cannot meet, paying bills on time,               Deciding on security measures to ensure
keeping proper records of all money which                                                                      petty cash systems
comes into and goes out of the Club.                       cash and cheques are not open to misuse
                                                                                                              Ensuring membership subscriptions are
                                                           in any way, e.g. more than one signatory
Financial Accountability                                                                                       collected and records kept
                                                           on each cheque
                                                                                                              Ensuring money due to the Club is
The Club committee is responsible to the
membership and must provide accounts to the         Financial Reporting                                        collected
members each year.
                                                                                                              Ensuring receipts are issued if required
                                                          Presenting regular written financial
Club accounts can be checked and certified by a                                                               Ensuring all income is paid into the
‘competent independent examiner’, i.e. a retired           statements to the committee
bank or building society manager.                                                                              bank
                                                          Presenting the end of year financial
                                                                                                              Ensuring all bills are paid (including
                                                           report in draft form to the committee
                                                                                                               affiliation fees and insurance)
   Ensuring everyone handling money for the
    Club     keeps      proper     records   and

Control of Fixed Assets and Stock Control
 Establishing systems for stock checking and
                                                                                              THE ROLE OF
 Ensuring the Club keeps proper records of
    its equipment and property it owns or rents
                                                                                           CLUB TREASURER
 Ensuring the Club has all necessary
    insurance and keeps it up to date

Financial Reserves                                           Osborne House
                                                         12 Devonshire Square
The Club should ensure that it has in reserve             London EC2M 4TE
sufficient funds to meet all its obligations to           Tel : 020 7247 5567
                                                          Fax : 020 7247 7232
creditors for at least one year.                      Email :
                                                       Website :

                                                              January 2006

                                                    Amended and published with the kind
                                                   permission of Voluntary Action Orkney   Please pass this leaflet on
                                                                                               to your successor

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