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					Cold Collection: head cold to keep warm under the feet

[Cold Collection]

Red Net Changsha, January 7 (Xiaoxiang Morning Post correspondent Zhou Huimei
behalf Shuai Liu Shaolong) cold and windy season, often the high incidence of
disease. Look cold Collection it.

A. Do not immediately get up after the fall of the tertiary hospital
orthopedic Vice Renchen Song prompts, frozen days of walking to pay attention
to safety, even if the girls just do not wear high heels. even if just for the
elderly Avoid going out. If you do not accidentally fall down, do not
immediately get up. If there is severe pain or limited mobility should be wary
of fractures is not there.

B. cultivate the habit of cold water before going to bed to attack, major
hospitals, respiratory, cardiovascular patients increased sharply. expert tips
hypertensive patients to keep warm, handling blood pressure, take medicine on
time, usually diet should be light, to develop the habit of drinking before
going to bed.

C. hot foot bath, Hunan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
hat out experts, before going to bed with a hot foot bath, massage slightly,
preventable diseases, especially for frozen chilblains, the foot is more
important in patients with varicose veins . For a lot to warm slowly venereal
patients, such as cardiovascular patients, it is best to go out a hat.

D. pivotal moment of the knee lesion easily, wine can warm yesterday, Hunan
Province Chinese Medicine Hospital ( attached to the Second Provincial
Traditional Chinese Medicine) Orthopedics outpatient admissions more than 30
cases of knee effusion of patients hub moment. Director of Orthopedics and
Traumatology Hospital of Hunan Province, Professor Sun Shaoqiu suggest
inflammation in patients with bone hub moment should try to do preparedness
protection, avoid over exertion ; can also try them to improve the hub of a
reasonable moment effect. can eat mutton, chicken, liver, tripe, octopus and
other warm foods. wine cold is also worthwhile to promote.

[Manuscripts : Red Net General]

[of: Reporter Liushao Long correspondent Zhou Huimei on behalf of the
[Editor: Zhang Guangrong]

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