5 Ways to increase your blog loading speed

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					?Before starting the topic let me ask you a question, what you will do when a page
loads more than a minute. Obviously you will close the page and go to the next
site/Blog isnt t? The loading speed of a Blog is really important as it can have direct
and indirect effects on a Blog. Google has announced that the Page Rank of a page
depends on the loading speed of the page as well so it is highly important for you to
optimize the loading speed. Here are simple 5 ways to increase the loading speed,

1. Use slash at the end of your URLs:

This is the most important thing you must do. Add a trailing slash at the end of all
your URLs i.e. for example / . This can increase the loading speed of the page. The
trailing slash will make the server know that the URL is already in the directory.

2. Use cache plug-ins:

If you are using a Wordpress platform then there are few cache plug-ins which can
help you in increasing the loading speed.

3. Reduce your JavaScript Codes:

JavaScript codes can make your blog heavy. Do not keep the unused plug-ins in an
activated mode as the JavaScript codes used in the plug-in can make your Blog slow.
There are optimizers to optimize the codes so you can also use that if you need.

4. Optimize your images:

Optimize an image whenever you upload it in the server as it can help a lot in
increasing the loading speed. There are free online image optimizers to do that.

5. Optimize your CSS:

Cascading Style Sheets can also reduce the loading speed of your Blog so optimize
them as well. There are also few online CSS optimizers to make the job easy.

These 5 simple ways can also help you to decrease your bounce rate.

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