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					Chinese medicine treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis can you?

Chinese medicine treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis can do?

not the best answer

spinal stenosis is a common disease, the overwhelming majority do not need
drugs or suture removal treatment, find a Orthopedics and Traumatology doctor,
they trick cures the disease, then do not squeeze nerves, the corresponding
naturally eliminate the symptoms, that is, the hour of treatment the skin will
be a bit painful, like a break, the treatment time is usually not more than
ten minutes

Hello, Yes, oral medicine, topical cream muscle recovery, with the traction of

our choice of treatment method, since the primary method of treatment to
understand the mechanism of the treatment, get clear of the the upper hand and
disadvantages of treatment, the actual situation of the joint itself, choose a
method of the safest and most reliable.

traditional Chinese medicine samples co-ordination.

disc of their special physiological structure, the Britain taking the end of
the whole body cycle, to reach the lesion site will be very limited, the
traditional external patching method, the direct treatment for the lesion site,
targeted, drug utilization high, quick and safe.

again United Nurses of daily care, and gradually will recover.

Hello! spinal stenosis using the stretch, massage, rehabilitation potential to
stimulate increased soft tissue and spinal nerve root swelling squeeze
exacerbated symptoms.

disease attributable to aseptic inflammation, anti-inflammatory injections to
eat is no measure to eliminate the

pure Chinese medicine treatment of choice in the ointment. patching the
affected area and related points, the drug can Zhitou subcutaneous bone
through the chain of biochemical reactions of Chinese medicine and Chinese
medicine to reach the argument by the targeting role of the spinal canal and
can improve the micro cycle within the spinal canal to remove cartilage
calcium, the nucleus dehydration, differentiation, absorption, clear yellow
ligament, swelling of the posterior longitudinal ligament , hypertrophy,
increase the relative volume of the spinal canal, completely remove the nerve,
the spinal cord to reach to squeeze the purpose of clinical cure.

blessing early child back to health!

is commonly used traditional Chinese medicine blood circulation, expelling
wind and cold, but this part of the drug is difficult if you want to reach, if
the good efficacy faster, that is, release of minimally invasive surgery, we
did a lot of patients with this disease, very good efficacy, this also avoid
the risk of suture removal groundbreaking. Dr. Wang