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									Chinese medicine treatment of infants with eczema Chen earth wall

What is Chen wall soil?

told that Chinese medicine can be treated with a soil wall Chen infantile
eczema, Is it true?

please teach ?????

Chen wall of soil, by definition is the wall of aged soil, use it to treat
eczema, there is no scientific basis.

If the skin is ulceration, exudate, 0.5% neomycin available and 5% rice bran
and other distillate oil paste, coated 2 times a day.

strongly do not recommend sustained medication, applicator only an expedient
measure, in fact, all foreign agents are palliative, with the formation of
more hormone dependent disease.

my baby and some original, first his face was red dot, and there is still bald,
and later lead to dry, from the dander, hearing, followed by wet water seepage,
the scalp also, crusting, and to the hospital saw, diagnosed as eczema. though
the clinical symptoms, but all belong eczema.

you need to understand what causes the formation of eczema. eczema root cause
of gastrointestinal system is imperfect, some allergic children eat healthy
level of allergens easily through the intestinal wall into the blood thinner,
because the most abundant subcutaneous capillaries, Yi Shi immediately
reflected in the skin of eczema on. the treatment of eczema is not the
countless things from the allergens tested, to avoid it, but to improve the

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