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5 Useful tools for freelance writers


									?To survive in this tough competition, freelance writers need to know about some
really useful tools to enhance their productivity and creativity. There are many writing
tools available online using which a freelance writer can easily manage his write-ups

Here is a list of some really useful writing tools every writer can make use of:

1. Keynote- This Free software by Tranglos works as a research data manager. It
helps in taking notes; outline text and supports Windows operating system. Using this
software a freelance writer can organize research notes by adding multiple and variety
of notes within a single file. It is an easy to use, multi-featured notebook that allows a
writer to keep personal information and save and archive research material easily and
instantly. In addition, a writer can also outline his freelance projects, create project
documents; generate templates for variety of documents with a standard format, etc.

2. Picnik- It is basically a Free photo editing software to crop, resize, rotate, and
give final touch to images. As writers need images for their blogs/ write-ups, hence,
this fast software program lets them add special effects to the images. This tool also
offers easy-to-use and powerful editing application using which a writer can follow
his creative instinct and crop the photos or images the way he wants them. It can also
be used on Mac, Windows Linux etc.

3. WhiteSmoke- Another important tool for freelance writers which works as an
innovative English grammar and proofreading software. It helps in improving English
sentences and makes them look more professional and creative. It supports MS Word,
Outlook, and all other text-based applications. The best part about this software is that
it highlights and explains the errors made by a writer. It is available in different
versions (General Writing, Business Writing, Creative Writing, Hi-Tech Writing,
Biotech Writing, Executive Package) as per writers needs.

4. Google Docs- It a Free, online word processor tool that allows writers to create
and edit online documents quickly online. Using this software, a writer can simply
integrate bullet lists, columns, tables, images, formulas, comments, change fonts &
font size.
 It also allows a writer to share those documents with his network across the world. It
provides a pack of excellent features similar to word processor, presentations,
spreadsheets, form applications etc. It supports all the major file formats including

5. Ziney Pro-This important tool for writer can be used for formatting articles and
newsletters. A freelance writer can make use of this tool while working on a lengthy
writing project. It improves the quality up to 30—50% and saves your time in
formatting your newsletters, articles, write-ups etc. It can easily run on old computers,
supported with small hard disks and old graphic cards.

Hope these writing tools will assist all the freelance writers in making their career a
great success. Please provide us with feedback and insights on our article as always.

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