Chinese medicine to create the treatment of knee_ neck_ lumbar New Millennium_8360 by yan198555


									Chinese medicine to create the treatment of knee, neck, lumbar New Millennium

Focus tracking: Pluralism in medical technology create the glorious art of
Advanced Micro Devices, to accept the World Federation of Chinese medicine
orthopedic million cases of successful treatment of bone disease in patients
with the title of efficacy in the spring of miracles, the treatment set off a
new wave of Chinese New Yearcreate the perfect combination of high-tech ultra

Chinese new therapies, and create a new era in treatment of cervical and
lumbar, no surgery or minimally invasive painless

great doctor hand thorn

country designated hospital without health insurance choice can be reimbursed

Qiao Jinling Director: Graduated from the Beijing Medical College, under the
tutelage of country-level more than twenty years old TCM to get country-level
digital power giant bone disease expert true mass, exclusive of bone Qing
famous physician Cheats disease experts, devote themselves to lapping the
court with the bone disease diagnosis and treatment of Orthopedics and
Traumatology, nearly ten years of painstaking refinements of bone disease and
minimally invasive treatment of modern technology. and well in the bone
disease treatment technology training, the perfect combination of Chinese and
Western Medicine in the clinical order to achieve a very were right about the
efficacy, clinical diagnosis and treatment non-stop access to new technology
breakthroughs and innovation, creating a “visual overlapping series of
minimally invasive therapy”, million cases of difficult bone disease in
patients being treated by him onto the road back to health by the majority of
bone patients sought after. medical stereotypes with its deep knowledge and
rich clinical experience in China

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