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									Always stomach pain, how to do

Old recent stomach discomfort, while a burst of pain, in addition to
medication, there are those good Stomach method?

how Huwei? This will re-” Five support “warm Nursing – cold day after day
and night temperature changes, people with chronic gastritis, gastric intended
to add warmth, timely add clothing, bedding cover the night to sleep, to
prevent stomach or abdomen, caused by cold and aggravated an old disease; diet
to restore – stomach of patients with eating should be warm, soft, light,
plain, fresh is better, so regular quantitative, Eat small meals often, so
that food and stomach acid is often ongoing and, to prevent erosion and
gastric ulcers and increase Shen malady love; avoid certain – should pay
attention to avoid certain patients with stomach, do not eat cold, hot, tough,
too hot, too sticky food, but avoid overeating, smoking prohibition. In
addition, the drug should pay attention to taking method preferably after
meals to prevent the stimulation of gastric and exacerbate the condition.
proposes to eat Hericium, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of
gastrointestinal diseases on the Hericium function is very respected, they
think: Hericium nature, taste Gan, aid digestion, benefits the five internal
organs, cures indigestion, nervous organ weakness, stomach ulcers. If too much
trouble, you can try such as the sun god, a class of Hericium gastrointestinal
health oral liquid finished products, containing Fuhou the Hericium essence,
not only the content of active ingredients than dried mushrooms, and more
convenient to receive the body.

Quanzhou Jinjiang Lian Bee Farm King Island gold pit master, said: should
drink processing honey stomach, gastritis the beginning of the period of time,
relatively easy to rule, stomach acid reflux and will be reflected into the
esophagus. throat and bilateral Xiongru site pain. burning sensation and
difficulty swallowing, and even throat inflammation, stomach like a ball. is
inflation. hard. what pressure. too fast or too stupid to eat rice. difficult
to digest. smoke. alcohol and other irritating, the most likely to cause
stomach (gastritis. stomachs. duodenal ulcer), the proposed service propolis
(inhibit H. pylori) soft capsule. Day 3 -4 times. a a. half an hour before
meals, amount of water delivery service. plus with the best fresh royal jelly;
Yichi liquid food taboos ups and downs. Coke. fried class. wine. ice classes,
such as irritation and poor digestion of food, relaxed mood , one-third rule.
seven support. symptoms disappeared after a few months again to consolidate in
order to avoid recurrence.
and my girlfriend, as before, is very simple, not too hard to eat the food!!
drink water, when necessary, eat Dianbu stomach tonic, and soon Jiuhaola

First you go to the hospital to check to see if there is no disease, do not
drag the small National Cheng Kung disease problems. usual Stomach way
students remember, cold, dry, hard (but dry bun film can eat); Do not eat too
hot food; stomach not to catch cold; to maintain a good attitude. I wish you a
speedy recovery!

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