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									China” organic food “big scam Secret

Detection of non-standard presentation

Wei Gang said 28 patent applications based on” life of information control
technology “, in fact, the search phrase that only and Zhang Yu-linked.

this “technology” in the China Agricultural University, Yun-Bo Luo food
safety expert opinion, simply do not fly, “to his knowledge in molecular
biology, can tell this is a classic word game, and the three An unheard of
super-organic food, from the scientific terms is untenable. “

” What is the super-organic, the concept itself is of organic confusion, we
reject it. “Green Management Office of the relevant Ministry of Agriculture
official told reporters.

Yu Zhang made a series of books is also based on the” technical “.

” I have also bought some super-Yu Zhang order Organic Series of view, the
book was actually the highest frequency of

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