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									Cervical erosion treatment of attention matters

Attention to matters relating to the treatment of cervical erosion

women have cervical erosion is a disease, usually mild erosion when they are
neglected treatment. However, treatment of cervical erosion, it is still a
little poor, during treatment to note the following:

treatment of cervical erosion vigilance matters

one treatment time to be elected after the period 3 to 7 years then ended,
because the treatment of cervical back to a certain extent trauma in case of
infection-prone during menstruation. so the patient should be 3 days after the
menstrual years then ended as soon as possible to seek treatment.

II forbidden intercourse 3 days before surgery, there is acute inflammation of
genital tract back side should be fully recovered can be carried out.

III secretion becomes more positive after treatment, the amount of drainage as
well as large amounts, pay attention to genital hygiene, wash the perineum,
but not their own use or the development of vaginal washing vaginal
suppositories. to frequently changes the underwear, sanitary napkins can be
used when necessary.

IV 1 ~ 2 weeks after treatment, there will be a small amount of bleeding scab
off, such as large amounts due the amount of blood has been attending for a
long time.

in wound surface is not fully healed, as far as possible to avoid sexual
intercourse. because intercourse is not simply because of mechanical
stimulation of the surface of the cervical wound healing, can also cause
vaginal inflammation, thus affecting the normal cervical tissue repair, one or
two months after treatment, it is necessary to the hospital to review and
clearly state what the healing of cervical trauma, and under the guidance of
the doctor decided to further processing.

for cervical hypertrophy, erosion and extensive involvement of deep cervical
canal, could consider doing cervical cone resection. In general, cervical
erosion through physical therapy after 1 to 2 times more available completely
whether vaginal, or laser or microwave treatment, the cure rate of mild
cervical erosion are more moderate and severe cervical erosion. represents the
use of mild cervical erosion, which means both have a good effect, suggesting
that if it is found as early as possible the treatment of cervical erosion,
avoid the development of severe suffering, and increased treatment difficult.

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